Hi guys, I was visiting London to film some reviews with a shop called Fully Charged and happened to wind up at the London Bike Show. This video is a quick overview of interesting products I saw. Each shot takes a moment to highlight the electric bike or accessory and then show the name of the company who produced it. One of the highlights for me was the new Electric Brompton. I have not gotten a chance to ride it yet.

The music used in this review is from Be Svendsen, used with permission. You can visit their Soundcloud page to listen to more tracks at: you can learn more about the London Bike Show at their official website:

Highlights in order of appearance:
– Air to the Throne (freeride mountain bike jumpers)
– MΓ©tier Cycling Clothing
– Gocycle premium folding ebikes
– Navigata Pedibal Bikes
– Brompton Electric
– Kalkhoff electric bikes
– Velosock bike cover
– Orange bicycles, model: Alpine 6 E
– Focus bikes
– Clif Bar
– Tern bicycles, model: GSD
– Hummingbird lightweight folding bicycle
– ARCC Innovations
– KwikFold folding ebikes
– Batribike electric bicycles
– Neomouv electric bikes
– Ezee Bike
– L-BOW Safety Light for bicycles
– Furo Systems carbon electric bikes
– Closca bike helmets, model: Fuga
– FlyKly e-bike motor
– Tailfin bike rack
– Coboc electric bikes
– Fully Charged bike shop in London

I rushed to get this video processed and posted because the event continues tomorrow (Sunday February 25th). Check it out if you’re in town, the bicycle ramp riders were amazing.


  1. I just want to say thank you Court for all of your videos! Thanks to your videos, I will be getting outside more. My new 2018 Surface 604 will be here on Tuesday 2/27/18. I am super excited!!

  2. The Toronto International Bicycle Show is coming up March 2nd to 4th. They are giving away an Amego E-bike and a Bianchi bicycle. They have a 2000 foot long test track and lots of Pedal Assist E-bikes and traditional bicycles to try on that course.

  3. Walking, bicycles, mass transit and electric vehicles are all part of making cities livable and sustainable.
    No emission travel and great exercise. Β Here is a terrific video on urban planning and bicycle travel. Anyone that hopes to increase the quality of life in cities should view it. Β https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrI4Sv0djY4 It would be interesting to do a series on urban planning and the changes that technology, electric and autonomous vehicles will bring.

  4. Thumbs up for giving credit to the composer/musician. Well done!! Also surprised you didn't get noticed more, you're like an electric bike celebrity. (also Biktrix needs new reviews!)


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