As i was in a “feel like building something crazy” i decided to combine parts from bith my Axial SCX10 G6 and the parts from the Losi Nightcrawler Crawling Dragon build that i had left.
Jus feeling creative and the result is a funcrawler. I still need to get some longer Boomracing Type-1 shocks.

Want to help a brother out 🙂 ?
Please be so kind, if you go to Asiatees to make a purchase, use the link below. Then A’tees will give me a small percentage of what you bought.

I am a one man RC enthusiastic team 🙂 . I love going out, do some trailing and edit the video’s and photo’s. I am sponsored by Asiatees. They give me the opportunity to test new things and review items. We share the idea that this great hobby should be affordable. I also save hard to afford this great hobby.
Never I will claim to know everything as I am learning something new every day. I am just a Rc Addict who spends a lot of time in this hobby and tries to know and experience as much as possible.
I try to promote the RC scaling/trailing whenever possible. Much too often I meet a wall of misunderstanding, especially here in the Netherlands. People still think these cars are just toys. Whenever possible, I try to take away that prejudice. Trying to be an ambassador 😉
Subscribing, sharing and rating my video’s is most appreciated.


  1. und ja , ich benötige eine neue Funke !! Sie sollte Modellspeicher haben , und mit verschiedenen Empfängern ( Marken ) kompertibel sein – und nichts Kosten – 3 oder 4 Kanal haben . Hast Du eine Meinung dazu ? Erzähle was zu Deiner Funke -was benutzt Du , und der Preis ist natürlich auch für die Teile wichtig !!Gruß Volker

  2. I really like the esc like that, it looks like a radiator for a race truck. And if you had to you could bolt the frame back together with something in the C channel. It looks awesome with the frame cut.

  3. Cool ideas! =) I am not too easy on my vehicles either but you are right…it is all part of the hobby. Bash it, break it, fix it/improve on it and repeat. =)


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