The Lynskey GR250 titanium gravel bike arrived on the doorstep of Gravel Cyclist HQ in January of 2017. Since that time, the GR250 has been ridden and raced at events such as the 2017 Middle Georgia Epic, and 2017 Land Run 100. In between, it has racked up a ton of training miles aboard multiple wheelsets in 700c and 650b, and multiple tyre combinations. The review also features a good amount of drone footage.

For those curious, the bike weighs between 19.5 – 20.5lbs (8.8kg – 9.3kg) with pedals, dependent upon wheels, tyres, etc.

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  1. Solid review JOM! Good points on running 650b and 29r hoops… something more ppl need to consider when purchasing a groad bike.

  2. Hey Gravel Cyclist, great review of the GR 250. My question is; as I already have a pair of new Mavic 29er boost carbon wheels, do you think using the Lynskey 29er pro frame would do as good a job as the 250 ? I would set up with road bars etc. The reason I ask is the 250 doesn't come in boost spacing. Or would you sell the wheels and go down the GR 250 route? Thanks for any advice.

  3. Great review! One small correction: you mention the brakes are Post Mount. The rear brake mount is clearly ISO standard, with a Post Mount adapter installed.

  4. Good review. Litespeed is in TN too, but it should be known that the Lynskey brothers were founding partners of Litespeed before starting Lynskey on their own.

    The review is interesting in that some of the static views of the bike lit looks like a huge 10cm saddle to bar drop. Super tuck aero all the time. Though it's deceptive in other shots. Was the bike small for you? Compare this to the rider at 5:45 for example.

  5. What was the weight of your bike with the 700c wheels (out of curiosity)? I'm looking at Firefly, Linskey, and a few others for a do-it-all road bike/"gravel bike" that's strong/tough yet lightweight and fast so as to keep the rides fun instead of feeling like I'm clunking along on a overly heavy bike. I'm on the borderline between going with a gravel bike or a CX bike. If I could find a race CX bike made of steel or titanium that had more of a road bike gearing setup (instead of the 1x) with mounts for fenders/racks and a little more steady steering for fast descents and speeds with disc brakes… I would like to add on a Quarq power meter and Rotor chainrings perhaps… with a good wheel setup I think that would be my idea bike right now. I could be wrong still (?)

  6. Does the 3T Fork have significantly better clearance than the Lynskey fork provided? (Hence why you were able to run 2" 29er tires)

  7. I can't understand why more frame manufacturers don't place more emphasis on decent tyre clearance. Wider tyres improve the ride quality for all bikes and riders except genuine road racers. Kudos to those few brands out there doing just that.

  8. Great review. Looking at the geometry of the bike, the small has a 53.7 cm top tube however the sizing guide states heights 5'3"-5'5" which seems on the small size for that TT length. I would normally get a 53cm TT bike at 5'8". Any thoughts on this? How tall are you?


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