The M2S Bikes All Terrain R750 is a trail-worthy fat tire electric bike with spring suspension for, a custom rear rack, mudguard style fenders, and three lights (the headlight runs off the main battery pack). Excellent battery position, it’s semi-integrated design looks good and feels sturdy, M2S Bikes offers three different sizes so you can optimize for range, weight, and price. Powerful 180 mm hydraulic disc brakes provide the stopping power necessary for a 70-pound electric bike, both brake levers have motor inhibitors to keep you in control. Excellent kickstand placement, sturdy platform pedals, five color choices (black matches the battery, motor, controller etc. the best), extremely fast 5-amp charger keeps you riding vs. waiting, no USB charging ports, semi-delicate button pad.


  1. Yah! I have been interested in M2s bikes for a long time when they came out with a very cool looking Carbon framed E-bike with a Bofelli motor mid-drive . Very reasonably priced, but not sure of the quality. This bike looks nice for the $$. Thanks for reviewing.

  2. Did I see made in China on the under belly? They have a great electronic market there, but I prefer made in USA. Otherwise, it looks great. I would be the first one to get a ticket tough.

  3. Good value bike. My experience contacting them was also good. They carry too many colors for their own good. Will you review their Bafang Ultra mid motor full suspension bike? I haven't seen a single review of an Ultra-powered bike on EBR.

    Enough with the multiple warnings about speed – one mention is enough, especially as the gearing makes it difficult to get beyond 26mph. Not many will choose to run at top speed because it really drains the battery quickly. Plus no rear suspension and crap front fork isn't conducive for prolonged high speed anyway.

    That rear fender was laughable bad. πŸ™‚

  4. Lol I couldn't wait when I requested this many months ago so I just bought a Rad Rover. Thank you for the review.

  5. Thanks πŸ™ so much for doing the video just in time for me when I was on the fence about making the purchase. You sold me. I made the purchase. I got the blue it’s looks good. I was going to get black but I like the finish of the blue colored bike on film and hope it looks as nice in person.

  6. Thanks for reviewing this company. I like the options they give . Frame size , battery size , racks. I'm looking at another model they have with thinner tires . Great review cool bike!

  7. Good review. Nice bike. Reminds me of the VoltBike Yukon 750 Limited. I do like the idea of upgrading the battery to 21ah, though, that would be sweet!

  8. Looks like a fun bike alright. The only thing I would do is see if I could alter the rear cassette cogs to get a lower gear of about 36 teeth. I like high torque ability as I've found out with my on/off road ebike. That wouldn't cost much at all and you don't have to compromise the high gearing for speed.

  9. I have a M2S All Go Carbon for about a year now. So fun to ride, no problems, my friends all want to ride it. Excellent response from company, they never hesitate to answer any questions. I opted for carbon fork instead of suspension fork to keep weight down. I did put on a RedShift Shock Stop suspension stem (great product fyi) to take any little road harshness out.
    Great value and product from M2S…

  10. So you do the cheaper bikes and Court does the really expensive ones now? I would love to see more reviews of cheaper bikes. I know the problem is getting the cheaper bikes as the local bike shops don't carry them. Maybe some way of getting access to cheaper ebikes will present itself.

  11. Kickstands by the pedals are there for safety. When the kickstand is in the back, the rider can forget it’s down, then crash making a left hand turn. Seems more important than worrying about backpedaling the bike when it’s parked.

  12. This is certainly a candidate for my next step up. Speed upgrade and not a bad price at all. Great review! If you guys think about it, it would be cool to see a quick test of the USB charging on those style batteries. I have the same Reention branded 48v battery on my X-Treme Rubicon, and I just found out yesterday that the charge port doesn't work. After a quick search, I find I'm not alone. Some have even opened the shells up, to find no wires even running to the charge port : )

  13. Hi ! I have watched a lot of your reviews and they are probably the best I have seen on this topic. I was wondering if you will be reviewing the Xiaomi EF-1 Electric Bike? I have been looking around and I am very interested in this bike but there are not a lot of good extensive reviews on it. Also not sure where I can pick one up, I live in Montreal Canada and I have not found a site that ships to Canada. Anyways keep up the great reviews, very informative!

  14. Same as Voltbike. Both are equipped with junk parts (tires, fork, saddle,brakes, fenders, pedals). Expect to add a few hundred bucks more to upgrade along with using tubeless then you will have a better bike to ride. I own second hand Voltbike and in retrospect I would rather build a decent fat bike with mid drive kit.

  15. Glad to see the M2S review. I bought 2 of these for the wife and I. I was comparing Rad Rover and this bike. I felt like you just get more bang for the buck with the All Terrain. Hydraulic breaks, more battery life, 9 assist levels, better battery frame integration, and its fast! Mine has a few hundred miles on it and have had no issues mechanically, we are really enjoying these bikes. The owner, Eric is very helpful as are the videos on M2SBIKES.COM

  16. Anyone know what the "P 0" stands for when cycling thru the menus in 25:08

    BTW Walk mode only works in assist level 1-9. It will not work at 0.

  17. I have been looking at M2S bikes and comparing them with other bikes. You stated that one can set it up as 2 class (20 miles per hour). I be leave there is a off road mode. If bike settings are set as class2 level, can one just click one button to go to off road mode for max speed and one click back to class2 ?

  18. I love EBR, don't get me wrong, but why in all the reviews of Rad power, it is never mentioned that they are always out of stock of everything also? Not just bikes, but try and get fenders for a Rad Rover. OUT OF STOCK, with no ETA.
    That's the problem when all your products are coming on a slow boat from China.


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