Embracing 3D design and Digital Prototyping with Inventor, Marin Bikes is able to maximize its resources and boost creativity.


  1. it would be nice if marinbikes website had info on the discontinued models, like the MV 2008 & 2009- i wanna buy the MV 5.7 or is it 5.8? 2008 or 2009 version –

  2. Marin bikes are just amazing! I have two, one which is about 15 years old and a 2010 Bobcat Trail amazing bike!

  3. @thefilmmakerpro i had an 11 year old specialized and now i got a poison epo. but i think my next bike might be marin, they are really reliable 😀

  4. @TheHornyHomunculus yeah i had the same problem with my specialized 😛 it was a nightmare but indeed i still loved that bike even though it was a wreckage haha 😛


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