Motorcyclist staffer Zack Courts is always arriving to office after his commute with a bunch of opinions about the bike he’s riding. Too much this, not enough that, and occasionally has some decent insights. We thought some of it might help consumers or entertain enthusiasts, so we strapped a camera and microphone to the side of his helmet and told him to turn it on when he leaves his house. A lot of him talking in his helmet is complaining about drivers, yelling at red lights, and wondering why billboards aren’t more expensive. But sometimes he actually talks about the bike, and those are the parts we keep. Got a bike you would like to see discussed? Let us know and we’ll send him home on that one next.


  1. Thanks for the review Zack. Being riding round in our winter on full power and TC 2. This weekend finally fines up, TC1 oh that's better then TC off oh YES. Then go pick up the wife TC2 and everyone is happy.

  2. Hey Zack, could you commute on a Honda NC750X DCT? It would great to here your opnion about the praticality of DCT in dense traffic, the 55 PS on the motorway and how you would use the tank trunk..
    Thanks for your content, have a good one!

  3. Is it posible to but up the metric system when you talk about the bikes spes, in like a subtile or some thing like that 😀

  4. this bike looks so much nicer in black. seems like a great bike if you're not entirely sure what you want to do with a motorcycle. keep your options open.

  5. I dont know exact ratuo f gearing in eu countries but where i come from if yu have taller gearings the bike will start jerking in traffic

  6. Hi I heard you comment on mid corner handling being a bit hard to keep down, in the UK we found front end a bit hard and if you back it of 1 full turn , it's makes so much more difference

  7. On paper, these bikes tick all of the boxes of what I need out of my next motorcycle. I just can't drum up ANY excitement about them for some reason.

  8. One of the biggest downers about this bike I discovered just recently is the fact it puts out pathetic amounts of electrical power for accessories. 336watts. That's lower than the gen-1 FZ1 that everyone complained of running out of power for heated stuff and electrical gadgets, since it was a "sport TOURING" bike. Yamaha upgraded from mid 300's wattage to 560 watts on the 2006 gen-2.

    Yet unless you buy the Versys1000, anywhere this engine (and it's smaller 948cc derivative) is found, you'll have 336 watts. Z1000, Ninja 1000, Z900. I've checked the part numbers for the rotor and stator on parts fish (dot) com to verify, also Rider Magazine publishes the charging wattage for bikes often times. Think this isn't a big deal? Consider the rather mundane street bike like the Triumph Street Twin 900 is cranking out a boatload of power to the tune of 660 watts at a mere 3,000 rpm!

    Kawasaki has made a great machine in the 2017 Ninja 1000. Trouble is, it has some serious flaws that have prevented me from buying. Needs better gear ratios, needs a high output stator, and it could use a bit more power without any trouble considering it is 1,043cc. In the future I hope Kawasaki revamps the frame on this bike to match the light-weight functional trellis units that it's put on the Z900/RS, H2, Z650. Would knock a nice chunk of weight off this sport touring bike and it's not new design territory for Kawasaki. I'd probably go the DL1000 rout instead of this, opting for more comfort, even though the V-Strom makes a big part less power. It cranks out meatier torque everywhere below 6,000.

  9. The problem with these bikes with powerful engines is that you really don't need 6 gears, or 5 gears. Three gears plus an overdrive gear would seem to be sufficient.

  10. I have always been curious what that little pee sample cup on the right side of the bar is. Can someone explain that to me?

  11. Gearing on this bike is miles better than the GSX-S1000 off the bottom. Just needs a wider spread the rest of the way. The Suzuki has a stupid-tall 1st gear and a really short 6th.

    And it need more than a weak 336 watts for electrics, for those who want to add heated grips/gear, GPS, aux lights, etc.

  12. The 2011 is the fastest N1K of all. (2011-2018) My 2011 is pushing 139BHP at the wheel and a topspeed of 166MPH, I honestly love my bike, but the H2SX SE is already or pre-order for me.


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