It’s another commute with Zack! As usual, please feel free to suggest a bike you want to see featured here. If we get enough comments, we’ll send him home on that one next.

This bike by the numbers:

Base Price: $16,999
Displacement: 1753cc (107ci)
Measured Wet Weight: 675 lbs. (306 kg)
Fuel Capacity: 3.6 gal. (13.6 liters)
Seat Height: 28 in. (711 mm)
Measured Power: 72 @ 4620 rpm
Measured Torque: 100 lb.-ft. @ 2200 rpm

For a full rundown on the 2018 Softail models, check out:

For a video of the dyno run and a graph of power, go to:


  1. What bikes would you buy? Looking for something fun to ride around on…NC700X DCT, CB500F, or what? Open to Suggestions..what do you like Zack?

  2. The haters are going to hate because they think if you don’t ride a sporty bike you are a backward idiot. Harley are cruisers because they for people who want to go racing around the street. But some people think if you don’t think like I do you must be an idiot and cannot comprehend people like different things.

  3. Horsepower = (Torque x Engine Speed)/5252. So, HP is just a function of Torque. those SV and FZ bikes rev 3 times higher that the HD. At 2-3k rpm, same as the HD, what is the HP of those bikes? apples to apples. big pistons can only move so fast before vibrating themselves apart .. it would take a lot of money to spin it up to 10k rpm and double that hp number.

  4. Zach, you're kind to say that 1700+cc and 72hp is "interesting". Pathetic is the word that comes to my mind when I hear those numbers. Shit, my 1989 FZR600 had almost 90hp out of the box. Yes, I guess the cruiser crowd is probably OK with that little horsepower, but if I'm spending damn near $18K on a bike, the manufacturer better have put some thought into maximizing the performance of it. 72hp from a motor that large is definitely mailing it in.

    With all the backlash on here, maybe Motorcyclist should hire a "cruiser guy" to review these types of bikes. Would save Zach and Ari the trouble of trying to polish a turd

  5. Low end torque on a bike is nice to ride. It sucks dropping 2 gears to accelerate and pass someone on the highway, I’d rather stay in 5th or 6th and just roll on the throttle. The nice thing about Harley’s is steady power always. Is it the best bike for commuting? No. Do they look cool? Yea. If another company makes a old school looking, cool, v twin with a better motor and suspension I’d get one.

  6. 100lb. -ft from 107 cubes in a super heavy frame for 17 grand seems so unimpressive, sorry. For 16k I can have ~135lb. ft, far less weight and 200 miles of range with a Zero SR. And hey I don't even have to change the oil.

  7. Zack,  You're too kind in your assessment of this mc. The instrumentation, the indicators, the mirrors, the headlight, the exhaust – all very poor for a $17000 motorcycle. Why do the HD designers make all of their instrument clusters so incredibly hard to read? I recently sold an '07 Suzuki Boulevard M50B that has similar ergonomics but an 805cc engine vs a 1750cc engine…way better bike/enjoyment factor for $4000 vs $17000 imho. If I were to win a new Fat Bob in a draw of some kind I would sell it the next day and purchase a nice pre-owned Ducati Diavel…way more value/dollar ratio + performance factor than this still overweight/overpriced Fat Robert.

  8. Zack this want your best effort at a bike review the mccommute way. You sounded indifferent and disconnected. This was more like a biker reviewing an industrial machine or a kitchen appliance. I didn't see the usual excitement or the passion that we see in you. This looked like that you we're doing a job :(.
    Now coming to the bike. I'm a surgeon in India riding a Harley for over six years in India. It has endured the terrain well. They are not fast or technically brilliant machines. Well you don't need too much tech to be enjoy a laid-back ride and that's what they are meant for. And the turn indicator switches, Makes a lot of sense Zack jus takes time to get used to.
    Look forward to more mccommute videos with 'Josh' soon.

  9. 1,753.4cc to be exact. And 100 torque (crankshaft) is beastly?

    Or 129 ft-lb (wheel) from a tuned Yamaha Raider (101 whp).
    Or 122 ft-lb (wheel) from a tuned ZX-14R (205 whp).
    Or 111 ft-lb (wheel) from a tuned Hayabusa (186 whp).
    Or 124 ft-lb (wheel) from a tuned Vmax (188 whp).
    Or 105 ft-lb (wheel) from a tuned 1290 Super Duke R (170+ whp).

    All of these (except the Raider) with smaller engines. Harley guys talk about torque.

  10. I think that everyone that here reviews the moto exclusively through its numbers (torque, power and other specifications), should go to a dealer and ride it. Probably he will change his mind, as I did… 😉

  11. The lack of HP is simply because of a lack of revs. A retune and pipes give a full 1,000rpm in the 114ci and around the 100hp mark, with torque through the roof.

    I found your concerns to replicate my own – i almost dropped it because the kickstand seemed to be down but it had further to go. The indicator on the right is horribly dangerous. I have to let go of the throttle to press it and cancel when changing lanes. The brakes were powerful, but they had about half an inch of movement before they grabbed too aggressively, and the front end dive is horrible. I found Goldilocks on the rear, but the forks felt over sprung and under dampened.

    The tach is cool, but i have to anchor my head waaaaaay down before i can even see it as it sits so far below the chin of my helmet! The bar gauge from the Breakout would have suited better, and id love to have an oil temp reading in the menu somewhere.

    Cool bike, but so not $30k AUD cool. I agree with you, id rather an X-Diavel and change over this.

  12. 71.5 horsepower is approximately who-gives-a-shit. It's a giant displacement V-twin from HD. You know what you're getting. Plus 100ft/lbs at low revs is more than enough shove to get you going.

  13. Agreed on the indicator control. Hate the fact you also have to sometimes loosen right hand grip to reach the button.. just ruins the throttle control.

  14. This Harley, like most Harleys, is AIR cooled. Air cooled engines , especially emission compliant air cooled engines will never compete with water cooled engines. I don’t think Harley will loose a single comparison shopper based on horse power. Price maybe though 😉

  15. Solid bike for people who like low end grunt – and decent looking. I was not a big fan of the cruiser riding position (mainly because it gets uncomfortable over 65 or so unless you have a lot of air control) but I do enjoy the off the line grunt of big cruisers. You have to watch them off the line or they'll walk away from you (up to 30-40 or so).

  16. I’m still shocked how many HD zombies get fired up about a $20,000 1800cc motorcycle that performs equivalent to a new Volvo S60.

  17. Wow so many people don't understand torque curves and powerbands, or the main difference between sport bikes & cruisers. Maybe you should just try riding the bike than picking and choosing from a spec sheet that you don't even understand. Two different riding styles for two different goals.


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