It was so much fun to review the Crosstown bike. The 700c wheels, adjustable handlebar height, and lightweight frame make it a dream for commuting and long road rides. Plus, if folds in half for storage and transport! That makes it easier than ever to get out on the bike or take a nice trip to the local park.

The Montague Crosstown is our most popular full size folding bicycle for a good reason – it looks great, is affordable and super fun to ride!

One of our most favorite full size folding bikes.


  1. I think the silver looks a little nicer, myself. And not to worry, Peter's ninja-like prowess of mustache-based disguise will keep him safe from stalkers.?

  2. No problem. It really is a nicely though out design. Also, we have done a lot of elegant electric conversions with this one, have you checked that out?

  3. Which other montages has both adjustable seats and handle? Trying to do as much reading as possible before pulling the trigger.

  4. At present, the only other one is the Navigator, though I believe the next wave of Bostons will include that feature.

  5. Ok, I think I have finally decided on a Montague. What is the difference between the Crosstown and the Boston? What improvements makes the Boston worth $50 more than the crosstown, even though it is only single speed?

  6. The Boston has a couple nicer parts than the Crosstown, like the Cro-Mo fork, and weighs less. The Navigator has a greatly upgraded drivetrain, as well as a rack and fenders.

  7. Hi, I'm 15 yrs old and I'm looking for a hybrid road bike like the crosstown but I still want it to be foldable any advice?

  8. i rented this bike a couple of years ago and i rode it probably 30 miles in a day. my wrists were killing me just a few miles into my ride. i wasn't even riding on hard streets most of the time. i was on a path. it was okay otherwise.

  9. perhaps, but i didn't expect that experience. i have a dahon that i've ridden 20 miles in a day and never experienced wrist pain.

  10. We're on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, 1603 York Ave. I can't speak to whether this bike will fit in your car, though I suspect it will.

  11. The 2013 model, featured here in the video, comes in silver instead of white, and I believe it also comes with a nicer seat. Best- jack

  12. Hopefully one day! Until then, check out our Navigator review, that's a bit more like the Fit than the Crosstown is.

  13. Altus and gripshift is really not that sexy but I guess u can optimize it with better gears and wheels. Any chance to ship this to Sweden or do I have to ask my buddy on one of those big container ship to bring it? Sweden really need this bike thou its forbidden to take bicycles on trains and cost a fortune to transport. Like this bike alot.

  14. Very nice review!
    What is the difference between Montague Navigator frame to Montague Crosstown frame?
    Thank you !


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