Bike using two, four, or six, 36 volt Dewalt battery packs in series for 72 volts powering a 408 Crystalyte motor.


  1. Each pack is about $170 on ebay (I run on four). Each charger is about $40 on ebay (I use four). The controller and motor cost about $600 together. So, about $1500.

  2. Think of it as an exercise machine with variable resistance. Your workout depends on how much you use the throttle. You get a hell of a workout if you don't use the throttle, but at least you can pick when to sweat and when not to sweat. Get your workout going home instead of having to change clothes and shower at work. If you are not feeling like a workout, don't have one, but you can still bike to work.

  3. Hi, I'm thinking about building a hybrid bicycle myself. I'm trying to choose which batteries to use. How many kilometers can you ride per pair of batteries and in what conditions? Also, what is your top speed and how long does it take to get up to that top speed?

  4. Trailer was empty. The weak link in all electric vehicles has been the battery. These batteries charge in under an hour and have been going strong for about two years now.

  5. mm doesnt that defeat the purpose of cycling?
    for the exercise and no polution(considering if you electricity is not produce via hydro,wind, or solar)

    however this is a good idea in the sense that bikes can no ascend the steepest of hills, thus making bikes more practical for a go anywhere for even the laziest of people….

    keep riding mate….you're doing a good job

  6. Now I am almost mad I bought the front wheel kit, but I will try to be careful. I know I will be upgrading the batteries once I get greedy for speed. Also can you build me a battery such as the one you described 72 volts!! wow..

  7. Great video! I am now using a dewalt battery on my electric mountain bike thanks to your insight.

    To all the critics… Have you tried riding one of these bikes? Its addicting.

  8. Not a scooter. Must always pedal. Energy stored is about same as other batteries per unit volume, so range is the same also, which depends on how fast you go and how much you pedal. They weigh less and will charge fast if you buy a charger for each battery. You will not get 20 miles without pedaling with four of these. I always pedal and can milk twenty out of a charge but usually about 15 because I tend to cruise at about 22 mph.

  9. Not everyone should try to build one of these. Things break and you are on your own. If you are not electrically and mechanically inclined don't attempt it. It also isn't cheap. More info at hybridpowerbike website.

  10. I would think anyone wanting to build one themselves would have the willingness to fix it as it goes south on them. To me its the fun of doing the build and making it work, not buying one ready to go and never wanting to tinker with it.. Nice project!

  11. By hitting a pot hole the force on a wheel is about 5000 times the force of the constant weight you are talking about. He wants to prevent damage to the unit as the roads where he lives are not in good shape. makes sense to me from that perspective. Sometimes real life conditions dictate you change ideal conditions.

  12. Wondering if you had considered any other motor than the crystalyte. There is a uk company that makes something called a "nano" motor for bikes with very little internal resistance. Thanks for the the video – very kewl!

  13. They apparently buy motors. Possibly from Crystalyte.

    "….We have undertaken extensive research to identify motor, battery and component suppliers who can consistently supply good quality products. We have a cellar and workshop full of crude motors and failed batteries to prove it! …"

  14. Hello, I live in Paris where there are lots of hills besides Montmartre. Your outfit is very impressive. The point is not to beat speed records but to bike in hilly terrain. Hills can discourage would-be bikers who are not super-fit bike nuts. This outfit solves the problem. Congratulations!

  15. @jasontrucker007

    Oh yes. Everyone assumes I have a child on board and gives me special deference. I feel guilty sometimes.

  16. @biodiversivist interesting, I'm not sure it would hurt or help me yet. Where I live there is clearly not enough space for bikers and is biker unfriendly ( a city in NJ ), wondering if it would help or make a tight space even tighter…

  17. Nice to see decent gentleman on YouTube who knows what he is talking about for a change 🙂 my question after reading the comments: you built this bike back in 2007 are you still using the same bike now with the same motor and same batteries? And what are the reliability issues ? Do you know if new technology since then that can be more efficient now? Appreciate your feedback.

  18. @supernova1976

    2006. Same batteries, motor, controller. Battery circuit boards designed for a power tool, not an electric bike. Can blow an internal fuse in battery casing that can't be replaced. Can be bypassed. Have had to replace circuit boards in most batteries (bought off internet).

  19. @randyGilliland

    I can't recommend any given source (don't want to get blamed if something goes wrong). Do your homework. Endless-sphere is a good place to get information. You are on your own when you build your own. Chinese quality control is really bad. Crystalyte motors are inexpensive for a reason.

    Know one guy who found his motor was badly corroded inside, which caused it to fail. He had to buy a new motor, after buying a new controller, which he assumed was the problem.

  20. @tatertotninja302

    I don't recommend that people do this unless they are pretty knowledgeable about electric circuitry and electronics because things will go poof and you will have to figure out why and fix it on your own.

    A rule of thumb is if you have to ask how, you probably should not attempt it. Stick with a reliable kit supplier.

  21. Nice bike!! , if you using direct wheel over the rubber wheel, to make it more simple, ??? , sorry for my english. But your bike is perfect, a lot speed.


  22. Can you take a picture to show us how exactly you wired the 2 batteries in series? I would have to say, using the DeWalt batteries is probably much cheaper than if one were to use some sort of 'bicycle' battery?

  23. i want to apologize for my past youth behavior, i hope i didn't hurt anybody's feelings and i wish you best of luck, and again i am deeply sorry.


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