The Motiv Stash is a comfortable folding electric bike with a basic suspension fork and larger diameter tires that help to dissipate bumps and cracks. Solid 350 watt internally geared hub motor from 8Fun paired with a 36 volt 9 amp hour battery Lithium-ion battery pack from Samsung. You get pedal assist and throttle mode with this ebike and you can turn pedal assist completely off or override it with the throttle. Nice aesthetic with matte black frame, black motor, spokes and rims and a battery that is protected and concealed in the main tube.


  1. Please, get a person to film you riding the bike. Then, dub over it with Narration. Your videos would get more views if you did that.

  2. Foldable small e-bikes are best for commuters not only because you can fold them during train, subway or bus journey. I think the main advantage is that you can fold your small/mid size e-bike and take it to your office, hide it somewhere inside your locker room, not risking a bit someone steals it or damages your (not so cheap) bicycle.
    I got full size (not foldable) one, and do regret a bit a decision of not building/buying foldable one
    (I live in a country where leaving your bike outside unattended for too long is too risky).

  3. My fav ebikedesign, compact design with folding. Love the suspension too, wasnt a fan of the motor noise compared to bionx and the massive delay 🙁

  4. Nice price when compared to a Brompton, but nothing folds as small and is as convenient to carry around as a Brompton. I think this bike would be a pain for most people to fold and carry on a train or bus with the added weight from the motor and battery. It doesn't look like it folds into a nice shape either. I thought $99 for a rack, fenders and light is a plus and not a con. I had trouble finding a rack to fit a 20 inch folding bike and ended up buying a Bell rack for 24 inch or larger bicycles and cutting and welding the support arms to fit a 20 inch wheel.

  5. definitely slow to react, i think if i ever buy an electric bike it's gonna have to have some sort of throttle, also not a bad price, if i was american that is, as is it's 3 times too expensive

  6. Hi there, can you point me to a 2wd ebike that I could add mud guards/ panniers and commute 40 miles across road and field? Cheers

  7. How would you compare this to the Easy Motion Volt Sport? Thinking of selling my volt sport for one of these but haven't taken a ride on one yet

  8. great review as always – do you think this bike would work for a taller person? I'm 6'2 and 180 – or any foldable e-bikes for that matter?


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