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  1. Saw another review of the bike. Reviewer felt stem was too long. Short stems are preferred on trail bikes. Also, reviewer not liking the tires. Somewhat wider tires preferred. Think the bike is light, something like 22 pounds. Full suspension bikes typically 5 or more pounds heavier.

  2. Harley, you are out on those trails right until sundown. Have you ever stayed out a little bit too long and then worried about getting back home again in the dark? I absolutely love your drone footage and accompanied music………please keep these going. They are so beautiful to watch. Thank you.

  3. chain stays look super short on that bike. No room for big tires I would expect that means great climbing feel and suited to racing still. Front ends have been trending more relaxed for better downhill performance.

    rocking the reflectors. go with it. #daretobedifferent


    Just bought my first Carbon road bike (look 585), came with standard shitty road gearing, and am going to change it. Will this work!?

    – Uletgra 6600 10spd 50 34T Compact Crank
    – Dura ace 7800 10 spd shifters & front derailleur
    – Deore XT 10 spd Derailleur
    – 11-36 10 spd cassette

    Will I need a road link or any other lindaretes components to run this? Or will it just not work? Bit of a hotch potch I know! But bike comes with dura-ace set up, minus cranks and didn't want to waste money!

    Any comment/advice would be much appreciated!
    Cheers boss

  5. I'm a BIG fan I'm 55 just got into Road Bikes in 2014, Any chance of doing a review of the best Bikes direct Road Bike for the money. They currently have a Motobecane AL, Ultegra with Mavic wheels for $1000.00 ?, Thanks Evilio

  6. i've got the GP5's and love them for city riding and leisure riding around sydney. what made you choose the ergon GP4's?

  7. Nathan Wind here… Question. I was looking at the 27.5 version of this bike… but I wanted to convert it to be like the slate so I could have 1 bike for road and mountain biking… I was going to put some road bars on it (again like a cannondale slate – but with better parts for the $$) do you think the geomtery would work harley?

  8. Had to give a thumbs down…..I usually like your stuff but you didn't say anything about the bike….fork, weight, groupset, tires frame (is this a good quality ti frame?)etc.

  9. I have the 2014 Fly Ti 29er and have been loving it!
    Not rich and wanted a great one bike option. I live in the city but prefer mtbing plus I wanted a bike that could do everything and a hardtail 29er is arguably the best. No car to get to the trail head plus I just finished a camp trip with my BOB Yak, very flexible machine.
    I agree with your opinion on the ride, its very smooth and I prefer the more relaxed geo-better for trail riding anyways.
    For the money, is hard to beat. I have done a bunch of customizing that I think all cyclists do to make any stock bike suite their needs and these titanium Motobecanes are the way to go.

  10. COME ON.. Bar ends with a riser bar.. FOR GAWD SAKES.

    RAGE BONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Can you learn to speak more clearly? You switch between some type of mumbling to raced and hurried speech. And then the poor pronunciation..aaaargh. It is like listening to some hyped-up foreigner with a mouth full of food asking for directions. (if you have a speech disorder or a tongue injury then please excuse). I can barely understand your conclusion: is the bike shit or legit?

  12. Sorry I could not watch your video through because of the filthy language. Put away from thee perverseness of mouth, and corrupt lips put far from thee. Proverbs 4:24

  13. For those of you bike snobs that bash Motobecane, you'll always hate until you try one. The specs on my Moto can match a "name brand" that will cost upwards of $6 – $8K+. I dare you go and ride a HAL5 or 6 Comp edition with its crazy specs without being pleasantly surprised. I was a Trek and Giant FS rider until budget was tight and through caution to the wind and picked up a Moto. Now I an't going back. These are rock-solid bikes with mostly quality components for fraction of the cost.

  14. I recently got the Motobecane Fantom29 X4 – it's a slightly watered down version of the Pro, but I absolutely love it. 34T cog in the rear & a 32T mid chainring makes easy work of the steepest, most punishing climbs in my area. Looks like this one has a RockShox fork while mine has a SunTour XCR. Geometry looks to be about the same though – Tektro hydraulic disc brakes front/rear, SRAM shifters/derailleurs, Shimano cranks/cassette.

    Most of my riding is in wooded areas on single track, and my Fantom29 X4 is a total blast. Highly recommended.

  15. Hello Durianrider Cycling Tips! I am from the Brazilian my name is Isaac, I acquired a Motobecane Fantom pro titanium 29er in 2015 (I bought it in the hand of an American visiting Brazil) and I'll tell you one thing; this bike is wonderful with all its components sram X9 and its titanium frame, I do not regret anything for it … and another thing, I bought it for 8000 reais which is equivalent to 2200 dollars … My congratulations for your!


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