Me and my friend having a review video on our bikes


  1. Plus the cannondale wins. That's a modern motobecane. They're shit. In the 70's they were good. The original company went bankrupt in 1981.

  2. Drew, how about providing a few examples of why you pronounce the Motobecane line as "shit?"  Companies often file for bankruptcy–in Motobecane's case their French management drove the line into oblivion–and it doesn't mean that they're "shit" for doing so.  Cannondale and Motobecane are made (probably by the same "shit" manufacturer) in Taiwan; the only difference might be the label they slap on the frames.  Brain-dead "me too" snobs like you are making bicycling execs fabulously wealthy and driving up prices for the rest of us because of your bicycle-snobbery-hypnosis.

  3. Man would you shoot that chicken in the back ground.I had to stop watching this video because of that bird! Loved the bikes but man the birds are killing my ears!

  4. motobekane is the best bike I've ever had and mine was $2800 with all the extras but it's nice I'm going to make videos here soon.

  5. dumb kid is not a getting the fullest out of the bike he's a mongoose type kid or cannondale because everyone else has one it take a real man to own a MOTOBECANE! they are so nice to ride I'm new to them and I like mine alot makes cannondale eat shit MOTOBECANE are very fast and reliable recommend some upgrades…


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