01Carlos29 asked the question, “Do you know what type of iner tube someone should use or do you use any please make video response”

Here are my thoughts on what type of tubes you should use. I strongly suggest ditching the tubes completely and just getting your bike setup with tubeless tires using either Stan’s Tubeless or Orance Seal Cycling Tubeless sealant. This gives you a huge advantage over using tubes.

If you do prefer to use tubes, then you have two options. A standard inner tube, and a tube filled with sealant. The tube filled with sealant will help to seal the small holes that are created by thorns, nails and some pinch flats.

You can find sealant filled tubes at WalMart or from the Specialized bike brand at cycling specific shops.

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  1. What are your thoughts on what kind of tubes you should use?

    My best recommendation is to switch over to a tubeless setup!

  2. Can you describe this a little more?

    Do you know if you have disc brakes or V-brakes? I'll be happy to make a video about that. 🙂

  3. Cleaning the bike is simple! Check out the other video called Cleaning Your Mountain Bike. It will show you how to clean it and the stuff you will need.

  4. You bet!

    I still recommend keeping a spare tube with you even when you do move to Tubeless. But you should have much fewer flats once you make the change.

  5. But what do you do about a tubeless, if you have a flat in the woods ?
    And I heard that you can't change those tires yourself…

  6. With a Tubeless setup you still carry a spare tube with you. Should you get a flat that doesn't seal with your tubeless setup you just put in the spare tube you have and air it up with the CO2 or pump you carry with you. Easy Peezy.

    You can definitely change tubeless tires yourself, it is more difficult than a tire with a tube, but very doable. It really helps to have an air compressor for that as well.

  7. how u doing I need help I just bought a bike for a learner bike for my son but the back tire is flat it needs a tube its not repairable tire says its a 20×2.125 do they sell this sizes in walmart

  8. I know what you said… But why do you think that?

    I think you're wrong. WalMart tubes are just as good as any other tube in my opinion.

  9. Gotcha, did you check your tire for any thorns that may have been stuck in it? Or glass? Typically if you go through 2 tubes that fast then either you have something that is embedded in your tire and it is puncturing it or you are under-inflating the tube and you end up with a pinch flat.

  10. any thoughts on the hard foam tubes from Walmart? I hear good and bad not sure if it will make my tires to heavy :/

  11. hi, that was very helpful. i just bought a used mountain sort of bike and the tires looked new. i have not ridden in several weeks and when i went ti ride,the front tire was low. i started my compressor and discovered the new presta(?) valve. the rear has the old car type. bought an adapter, checked both tires and went for a short ride. an hour later the rear tire said "Shhhhhh!" great. went out this am and the front had flattened too. i have never had a bike with gears before and feel lost. my tires are 26X1.95, would a 26X2.? give better life? i weigh 222 lbs. at walmart i saw strips that go into the tire before the tube – any good? i know that was not my problem,just curious. maybe my tires blew due to to high air pressure?
    how does the tubeless tire situation work and would it work for my 222 lbs?

    thanks you for doing the tutorials for everyone. nice of you to take the time. Buck

  12. He'll no..tubeless is such a headache and high maintenance. …u need to add sealant every couple of months which adds lots of weight over time. I used orange seal won't try stans since it's kind corrosive to the wheels…..

  13. Hey, I have a 29" Hyper mountain bike from walmart, I'm buying the serfas drifter tires and since I'm 260lbs, I wanted 2 know what tube you would recommend me since I'm heavy rider. Thanks in advance.

  14. I've been using a road bike tube in my back tire cause I was in a pinch for a while, still never replaced it but I do need a good pair of spare inner tubes.

  15. I got a kona. i went to the store to get the inner tire tube for my bike which my tire size is 26 by 2.2 but what the worker gave an inner tube that fits 26 by 1.75, 1.9 by 2.10 and 26 by 2.125 and i have been told that it will fit my rim and tire but should i get the inner tube that are 26 by 2.2 or should i install the one that the worker gave?

  16. I have a "24" inch inner tube but when I was pumping it up the piece where you pump into when's into the tire and when I tried to fix it the bit in the tire it tore. how do I fix it?? Make a video response


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