The Moustache Friday 27.5 is a sleek, utilitarian, and comfortable electric city bike designed in France, custom-made tubular fenders stay quiet and pair nicely with a sturdy plastic chain cover, swivel handle bar saves space. Available in three frame sizes for optimal fit, stock kickstand and pedals are great, quality 11-speed drivetrain with the Shimano one-way clutch for reduced chain bounce, stable and comfortable Super Moto-X tires with puncture protection. Premium integrated lights that run off the main battery, the Supernova headlight offers 165 lumens and is mounted on the handlebars for reduced bounce and better visibility, Ortlieb QL3 compatible rear rack, swept-back handlebar and ergo grips. Beautiful motor integration, Class 1 ebike with 20 mph top speed from the Bosch Performance Line mid-drive, hidden power battery design keeps weigh low and looks great, three bottle cage bosses, thru-axle with quality suspension fork and a seat post suspension.


  1. Easily the nicest looking commuter bike I've seen. Beautifully integrated battery and thoughtful design. Sure wish it had bigger battery – 500ah is too small for places with hills/longer commute or for larger riders.

  2. They kinda look same as Winora Yakun Urban with Yamaha PW-X. It would be nice to have a comparison with it. I'm thinking about getting a 27.5 ebike in this spring, but I feel that there arn't many options with the Yamaha PW-X or Bosch CX.

  3. As others have stated handsome bike and very well built.
    But unfortunately is the price…hopefully bikes popularity and competitive demand can drive prices down so we can Eventually all on afford one

  4. Hey, what do you Think is the best e- bike for around $2,000 for riding on road and off road. Im Thinking about the FLX trail?

  5. the mount on the suspension fork is better. I use a front bag with rixen Kaul klickfix for Bosch intuvia e and with the light up that high its difficult to mount..

  6. Who can afford 4, 5 or 6 thousand dollar bikes (you know bicycles)? You can almost buy electric motorcycles for that kind of money. How about reviewing bikes for normal hard working people, not "fan-boy" wanna-be's, I.E. doctors, lawyers, gay "road bikers" that think they own the road, etc…

  7. Attractive, very robust, and cushy balloon tires. However $4K for the annoying Bosch whine, only 500Wh (36v x 13.8Ah ), and limited to 20mph means it may only be interesting in Europe.

  8. Moustache = funny. Could you start adding the cost of an extra battery in your reviews. Looks of mid and top of line e-nikes have specialized batteries – so the cost of a new one in 2-3 years is important. I bike everyday – including in subzero and snow weather.


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