The Moustache Samedi 27 Trail 8 is a premium, full suspension, trail style electric mountain bike with 140 mm air suspension, four-bar rear suspension design with stiff carbon alloy parts, Boost longer hub spacing with sturdy thru-axles, and 2.8″ plus sized tires for improved traction and float. Available in three sizes to fit an range of riders, steeper top tube lowers stand-over height but they still managed to squeeze in bottle cage bosses (beneath the top tube), tightly integrated motor and battery design.High-end XTR drivetrain components offer a wide 11-46 tooth gear range for climbing and a strong SunRace high tensile Steel cassette to be extra durable, the derailleur is tucked in towards the bike to reduce strikes, and there’s a one-way clutch to tighten the chain in addition to an alloy guide system to reduce drops and chain suck. The bike costs more and has limited availability in the USA, great seat post dropper, decent alloy pedals, excellent hydraulic disc brakes with big rotors and quad-piston calipers up front, Bosch CX motor produces more noise and some friction due to reduction gearing design, Purion display is compact but sacrifices some features like USB charging.


  1. man battery and motor integration is top notch!!! Bulls and Haibike need to take notes!!! Reminds of Scott e bikes…

  2. I bought a hiabike and love it. Your videos helped with making the decision and just loading me up with so much information and educating me with brands, features and overall knowledge of this new world of cycling. Awesome work with keeping us up to date with what Europe has been doing with this technology and helping to being it here to the US.

  3. Sorry, but just the bikes,name is a reason not ti buy it…..
    Thanks for your reviews, very nice made. How abiut reviewing the stealth bomber bike??? I would love to see that!

  4. love what you do!! although I'm not buying an ebike I'm building mine but seeing the progression in tech is nice

  5. We certainly are witnessing a rapid, competitive evolution of a growing industry, Court…and you're right in the middle of it!! I'm convinced the industry leaders have their eye on your reviews and respond to the pros and cons you point out. Chris's participation in these reviews is becoming more and more valuable as he is contributing key information from another perspective. Well done, gentlemen!!

  6. Love the Bosch powerpack and how they disguised in the down tube, hey Court do u know if Bosch makes eMTB mode for their speed pedelecs? I have two of those ebikes the mountain bike versions/commuter because if they do I want that update lol

  7. Hello, i ready like your reviews. I like the way you GO in to the details of the bike. The level of info you give is high! I also like the way you film in a verry contoled but natural way. Witch brings me to my of topic question …. What camera are you using for your bike reviews?
    I also want to apolegize for my bad english… It's not my native language.

  8. Great video Court once again! whats a big dissapointment for me in the ebike world is the 25/32kmh speed limit controler i think it should be like cars dont block the speed but ticket riders that go over speed limit cause when your in a 40kmh/50kmh speed limit zone and you cant catch up to traffic or pro cyclist on normal road bikes on your 10k ebike it not a good feeling and even more dangerous going 25kmh in a 40/50kmh zone and you can just get on a trek NON electric bike and easly hit 50kmh on a sprint or ride at 40/45kmh steady on flat road ive seen riders hit 70kmh on a downhill on a normal bike.just sucks might be because companies dont wanna get sued cause of local laws speed on ebikes imo its just plain dumb you can buy a trek normal bike and easly pass any 25/32kmh ebike but hey thats how it is.even heard you can no longer unblock bionx 2017 and up systems to 28mph now blocked at 18mph witch sucks if you need speed for off road seems like ebikes companies are clamping down on speed limits codes and making it non modifiable.


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