The Moustache Samedi 27 XROAD 5 is a crossover touring electric bike that’s capable and comfortable on city streets as well as packed dirt trails thanks to all-terrain tires, a sturdy spring suspension fork with 80 mm travel, and suspension seat post. Both wheels offer quick release for easy maintenance on-the-go, powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brakes stop quickly and have adjustable levers, reinforced tubular alloy fenders are quiet and pair with the a plastic chain cover to keep you dry and clean. Purpose-built frame is available in three sizes, internally routed cables are hidden and protected, tightly integrated Bosch motor maximizes ground clearance and blends in visually, battery is sunk into the downtube and concealed by a plastic shield. Narrower swept-back bars provide an upright body position for comfort while allowing you to spot traffic and fit through tight doorways and gates, two sets of bottle cage bosses, sturdy rear rack with wide pannier blockers.


  1. In my opinion a few detail changes would make it a better bike. One, wider rims to make the wheels stronger and make tire mounting easier. Two, bottle cage bosses on the battery cover; it is easier to access a bottle from that position than any other place within the triangle, and you can use longer/higher capacity bottles. Three, the rear light moved to the rear of the rack; a fender mounted light gets broken much more easily.

  2. These are nice bikes, especially for the price. Good solid fenders, nice suspension and seat suspension also. Nice frame size, the right size tires for commuting and hard wired head light and tail light. If it only had the most important safety feature an e-bike could have, which is a BRAKE light.

  3. Very nice bikes! you have refered to the derailleur clutch as "shadow plus" a couple of times. Just to clarify, the + refers to the clutch, the "shadow" refers to the derailleur being more tucked in under the chainstay.

  4. They do a great job with the look, compared to other brands, Moustache look stealthy, but also great performing. Wished they incorporated the speed pedelec motors instead. Europeans know the ebikes are beneficial in many ways. Happy to see them make several types of ebikes. Bought me a Specialized Turbo Levo by the way & I luv it, I wish they would make a good monitor setup though!

  5. That look is growing on us, one which you would never see in an unassisted mountain bike: suspension with fenders and rack. The unusual look, enhanced by a mountain bike geometry is at the very least curious to look at, and at best, a strong affirmation to "go anywhere commuter bike." But what is with the button down shirt? Any chance of getting any nerdier?

  6. Court great review! lots of good information. this bike remind looks li, e it would make a great adventure bike just because it does most everything a rider could ask of it. could possibly make the perfect "one bike"

  7. Lotz of features and seems to built to last. Please do more reviews like this, 2 bike comparisons, one to commute with and the other for a little off road. Lucky N.Y. 's Mayor B. didn't see you. How cities are handling E bikes would be topic for a video.

  8. l m watching your videos in amazing from turkey izmir city l have got 2 e bike one city bike and the other one is mtb names carraro . mostly people dont like the bike in turkey so we have no lot sort e bike mdel our country and products only by carraro ı want to buy bosch motor but no service in here .


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