See what’s behind you with the Myklops rear view wrist worn cycling mirror. It is a cycling mirror that lets you see what’s behind you when wearing it on either your right or left wrist. The Myklops rear view cycling mirror is fully adjustable and can be used on both straight and drop hendlebars


  1. Hello, please note that Myklops is not an authentic bicycle mirror product and is in breach of RearViz and its IP. Please be warned that Myklops is in breach of patent protection and infringement. Please note that all information has been sent to our patent attorney and will be dealt with accordingly. For the authentic invention please visit the REARVIZ website who hold the appropriate intellectual property rights of this product. THIS IS A FAKE AND COPY OF REARVIZ

  2. I am going to buy one, Sean. I'm headed down to Guildford Electric Bikes later today. BTW. I do believe yours is a better product than the Ozzy one, because the extending arms remove the reflection of the mirror mounting from the image field, thus making better use of the available visual area.


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