Neil has a pretty pimp fleet of bikes! Here’s a detailed look at his GT Sanction.
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The GT Sanction was developed closely with Dan Atherton and took the Young Gun Martin Maes to some great results in 2015. Neil talks you through the spec and how everything works and gives you an insight into how he likes it set up!

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  1. Hi, I'm 15, 5 foot 10 inches and looking to get into downhill or enduro mountain biking, do you have any suggestions on what bike to get as I'm looking to spend around £1500-£2000? thanks liam

  2. First was Santa Cruz, next was Scott, then Canyon, and now going to gt's. Any plans on trying cpevialiEd out in the future. Would be nice to see a video of the 42 year anniversary specialized stump jumper far

  3. Compared to the Canyon you had previously, what is your impression to this GT Sanction? Is it really worth the money to exchange the 350R that came on my Expert to any other suspension for? Can you make a review on the 350R Marz?

  4. hey, i just bought my new bike last week(not very costly) Raleigh TALUS 3.5 – 29ER with Maxxis Crossmark, CST tubes in it with45-50PSI, but my tubes got punchered twice in a week.. what could be wrong or i'm doing something wrong?

  5. I've been considering picking up the Sanction Pro with a heavy employer discount. I'm 5'11, do you think I should rock a medium or go large with this frame? Unfortunately, I can't try it in person as we don't have it in store.

  6. Donny, I have ordered one of these in a large and at 5ft11 I was advised to buy a large, I believe you said you have a medium, would the large be too big for me at this height as I cant find any size guides anywhere? cheers

  7. Was about to get this exact bike at my local bike shop, performance bicycle, but decided to go with a more all around bike that is more capable on the climbs and in my point of view is just as capable as the sanction on the downhills. I got the specialized stump jumper fsr and put a 160 pike and monarch plus and feels unstoppable. Also the bike weighs in at 27 pounds which is pretty dang good!

  8. thinking about a trek remedy 9.8 which has a carbon frame. when I saw this and the price I thought this would have a carbon frame. then I saw it didn't and was kind of disappointed. does carbon do anything a lot better than aluminum other than lighter weight? I really like this bike

  9. Neil, in your opinion, which of the GTs is the best model for climbing and downhill?  does it feel way different with the head angle of 66 vs 63 when going downhill?  is the force better on the uphill climbs then the Sanction?  I have a sensor expert and the head angle feels too steep on the downhill.

  10. sweeeet. that's set up perfectly for what I like to do. can't afford that. might get a sensor comp or pro but one like that is a lot of paychecks away

  11. Neil, your videos of the Sanction team are great, I have one. I'd kill to see a video strip down of the pivot points on the i-drive system. I have taken apart almost all of the bike and re-assembled it – I got my Sanction about 3 months ago. I was able to loosen the two bolts that connect the idrive system to the frame but they wouldn't come all the way out. Just spun freely once loosened enough. One of them was a nightmare to get back in as the threads weren't lined up right, the strip down helped. I Know I did something wrong though.. Also couldnt find a tech manual online which included this bike. Searched high and low. Keep up the good work dude. Mark

  12. may get a reply. looking to get this frame but can't find the forks anywhere in the matching colours. please could you point me in the right direction cheers

  13. Awesome bikes Gt. I have some old skool to my collection Gt LTS 3000, GT XCR 1000, and finally 2011 GT DISTORTION 2.0… The sanction is on my next shopping list yippy!! 😀

  14. neil in your vid (xc vs enduro) you said this sanction has 165mm of travel but it has 160 rear and 170mm up front? is this a mesurment between the front and rear travel

  15. Why did you go for porper welds over carbon? Isn't that a big weight penalty? Also, you use a chain device even though you have a clutch mech. Would you expect to drop the chain even with the clutch mech riding enduro? I am dropping chains all the time atm with my 10 speed Sram x9 set up, but chain devices are hard to find for the press fit bb on my Intense Carbine 27.5.


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