I made this video the same day that I got my brand new mountain bike from dicks sporting goods. Its is a diamondback recoil comp complete bike. The diamondback recoil comp retails for $1,200 on diamondbacks website but i was able to get it for $799 during a sale. It is a good entry level mountain bike and i am going to have a lot of fun on it. The frame is completely aluminum abd made by diamondback. It has suntour forks with four inches of travel, hydrolic brakes and rockshocks rear suspension with four inches of travel as well.


  1. To stop have the chain switch gears on rough terrain just use 1 gear on your front gears so then it won't shift. This is what everybody does because it saves weight.

  2. Mountain bike would be fun in Cali but in Vegas a fixie would be fun and no I don't have a fixie cuz gaming pc

  3. You should have got the diamondback mission like what Sethbikehacks has because 100nm of travel is not much and will bottom out easily unless you pump it right up, but good starter bike nonetheless!

  4. I have the diamondback 2016 Atroz Comp with 120mm travel in front and rear suspension both are air. That's stock. I've put it through shit that I thought I would need to buy a new bike afterwards. But its still going strong. You're Diamond back I would do what others have said previously get yourself a RaceFace single sprocket crank and your chain shouldn't come off again. And just letting you know too, If I were you I'd change your fork and rear suspension to atleast a 120mm of travel. GO WITH AIR SUSPENSION TOO. That coil shit belongs on Walmart bikes. You don't have to be rich to buy or upgrade your bike start with one thing at a time and before you know it your whole bike will be good to go. Seriously if you take my advise, The first thing you need is the RaceFace one sprocket crank 2. That damn fork has got to go lol. After that whatever you think you need to do, to become a better rider.
    Good luck man I hope you get to put some aftermarkets on it.

  5. How’s that a starter bike? I’m pretty sure if you’re a starter your not gonna drop $800 on a bike if you’re a beginner


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