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  1. I've had two NiteRider Solas taillights and they both stopped working within two months. The internal guts are cheap I guess. Even had a NiteRider 450 lumens headlight and it stopped working. This was all in the last six months. Never buying another one. It's a shame because the putter build quality and looks are great accept the cheap rubber band strap they use rips apart very easily same with Knog lights. Cyglolite makes good rubber straps though.

  2. Loved this light to begin with, perfect amount of light. Except they don't last, having the USB charging port on the bottom, puts it in prime location for water spray and grit spray from the back wheel. Went for a ride in the wet winter and it stopped worked halfway through the ride. Not what you want for a light… Got it home and it charged up fine after being dried off, but now it doesn't work properly. This is all after only about 3 months of light use. Avoid if you ride in the wet!

  3. I had one of these but the USB socket overheated and melted off the light while charging over night. Fortunately, it did not catch fire. The rubber plug sealing the USB socket and electronics is the Achilles heal in these lights – it is not water tight. These lights are rated to IP64, which is barely water splash resistant. I think that the rear light environment is quite hostile in the wet with potentially hours of salt spray, and IP67 is the minimum protection rating for s durable and safe light. These lights are no good for wet conditions. The flash patterns could be improved to increase daylight visibility while increasing battery life.


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