Here’s my first review I’ve ever done! There was little information on Youtube or anywhere else for the Northrock XC6 except that which was posted by Northrock themselves. 1 mistake: I bounce between 50 and 60 miles on this bike, it’s closer to 50. Hope you enjoy the review!

WTB SpeedV saddle
KMC Chain
Zoom Offset Seatpost
WTB Moto Raptor tires
Shimano Acera rear derailleur
Shimano Tourney front derailleur
SR Suntour XCT V4 front shock
Shimano Crank
Tektro Novela disk brakes
Aluminum frame


  1. nice review i have the same bike and mine did the same thing i just had to ride it for awhile and the noise stopped and ive went through some hard trails with this bike it dose pretty well

  2. From my experience with it (Now ridden about 100 miles on it) it's holding up great. A big part of that is keeping everything clean and tuned up. For every hour of riding I spend about 15 minutes cleaning, lubing, and tweaking the bike. I am loving it.

  3. It's not super heavy, but it is 3 or so pounds heavier than a Trek and a Haro that two of my buddies ride.

    Also, I'm up to about 150 miles on it and things were getting a little "jiggly". I went through and tightened everything up, adjusted the handlebars down a bit, and adjusted the brake cables as they had stretched a bit. It's right back to it's old self. Loving it.

  4. When you say barely compress, how much is that? I know the highest compression I've seen on mine is about 60mm, but that's with getting the front wheel about a foot off the ground and the rear 6 inches or so. With regular riding it doesn't compress but about 20 mm.

  5. @jaskynyrd- nice review. Now that you have been on this thing for a few months are you still happy with it? Any changes you would make?

    I really want to get an entry level bike that is affordable. My problem with going with something that is higher end (besides price) is I don't even know what I want.

  6. There is nothing about the bike that I am not satisfied with. Yes, every component could be better, but for the price I paid and what I expected from the bike I wouldn't change anything.
    I have now put about 250 miles on the bike and while I am able to ride the bike much harder than I could originally, I am not pushing the bike at all. I do not worry anymore about whether or not the bike can handle something, I just dive in and enjoy the ride.

  7. Yeah, cheap is the wrong word. More like inexpensive. Those ones on Wal-Mart bikes aren't even real mountain bike parts, they are for cruising around your neighborhood on paved roads. My components are on the "inexpensive" end of real mountain bike components which are a huge step up from the cheap unbranded junk on bargain basement bikes.

  8. as long as frame is 6061 your good to go, drop some bad ass parts on it and you will have a pimp rig worthy of some fun abuse.

    as long as you get your geometry right, who cares if its even steel.
    i have seen guys SHRED on 50 lbs bike with ease. many like the weight when long jumping.

  9. I dont like the spring coil shocks, I do like high travel air shocks, I find the high travel realy lets me increase my sag.

    I just saw a road bike with CF shock forks, but they looked like 50 mm, just enough to dampen hits.

  10. They have not bottomed out. I don't do any extreme jumps, no more than 18 inches or so off the ground. At it's highest compression so far I still have about 20mm of travel left.

  11. Yep. I didn't get as good a deal as you, but my Costco marked them down to $200 and I bought one for my brother in law. Sadly I couldn't get them to price match my bike since i bought it so long ago, but I'm still happy paying $350 for it.

  12. Yes, they are kind of mushy, but they work for my purposes. Like I said in another post, every component could be better, but at this price point this bike is HARD to beat.

  13. Does the bike still work for you after one year of having it?, I'm seriously thinking on buying it, but i´m still not sure. I like to go on shorter 15-20 mile rides, so, It's a comfortably bike for those distances? I really like the bike.

  14. would u recommend this? my friend is looking to get this. my friends and i ride freeride and down hill but he just comes along to watch and sometimes hits small jumps. we also do a lot of xcing. do you think it would be good for these uses?

  15. Yes it still works. I have put about 350 miles on this bike and it still works great. However, I feel like my speed is now being held back by the bike, so I am looking to upgrade. The bike itself though is still in good condition, no equipment failures whatsoever. All 350 miles have been off road, so I have not babied this bike and it has come through for me every time.

  16. I don't think I would use this bike for freeride, and especially not for downhill. XCing is what I use mine for and it works great for that. You would need something with a beefy, downhill specific front end and frame if he really wanted to get into downhill biking. However, if he's just using it to get back to where you ride, it would be fine. And yes, where I do my riding there are long downhill sections with small jumps and my bike handles them with no issues, so he could do some jumping.

  17. I have never adjusted mine since I have never bottomed out and it uses 80% of it's travel on the hardest hits, so it's set pretty well for me the way it is. There is a dial on top of the left fork that will adjust your preload, but I have heard that it is not very sensitive so in order to feel any change you might have to go all the way to the max or min setting.

    Like i said though, I haven't fiddled with mine.

  18. Thanks! I decided for another bike, A GT MTB, and it's great. Maybe i'll still buy it, but for now, I'm pretty happy whit my actual bike, Thanks again. Safe rides!

  19. Honestly this bike weighs way to much. My buddy has one and it weighs about 32lbs which really Is not very good at all! It is a decent bike to start out for but if you get competitive I would recommend something from specialized,Trek, or fezzari. Good video.

  20. Those are good bikes, the ones sold at Walmart aren't even real mountain bikes, it is written on the frames of the "MTB" sold there. The Northrock bikes sold on costco are true MTBs, entry level, but good bikes

  21. my cousin wants one of these in Mexico but over there they retail for close to 500 dollars  i think at that price its over priced IMO

  22. According to a Northrock disc brake how-to video, squeaking of new brakes is normal. You wait for the pads to wear in.

  23. I have one in white, great bike… For the price it amazed me what I could do with it. I have done medium and large jumps, a little downhill, and very steep rock sections and it handled it very well I would say it's a little more than just a beginner's bike. But an upgrade from this I would go with a nice carbon hardtail or a nice full suspension by trek, or giant

  24. If anyone is still watching this, and is curious on how these bikes hold up, I'll tell you, because I own one.

    I've owned this bike for 5 1/2 years. At the time it cost $325 , bikes with similar components at the time were $450. I initially bought this bike to use around the neighborhood as a hybrid type bike, but have taken it on trails. Most recently I took it on the "Fullerton Loop", which is considered as a Basic trail, with some intermediate sections (If your curious, you can YouTube Fullerton Loop). The bike is ideal for this type of trail, but I wouldn't take it to Turnball Canyon (these trails I refer to are in LA/OC area of Southern California). It's a great value entry level MTB. I would love to upgrade, but those higher end trail bikes are $2500, and it's tough for me to swallow that pill. If someone offered me $200 for this bike I would sell, and have an excuse to upgrade.


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