– Off Road Buggy 2018 Spring Start Up (Made In USSR 1985). Will The SRV Start After Being Parked Outside The Whole Winter?
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  1. If you say you have not started that off road buggy then we believe you. I have been watching your channel long enough to know you feel their is no need to lie. That as you say , "would not be awesome"

  2. Yea! The SRV is ready to roll! Adding the accessories will make it even more
    Best Wishes Lars! 👍😀✌️

  3. Lars, I believe the main reason for the brake rotors on the LUAZ being rust-free is because the winter there was just too cold for liquid moisture to condense on them. In essence, it was too cold and dry for dew or water vapor to settle anywhere.

  4. Old gas could cause rough-running, gets gummed up . . . do you have anything like Sea Foam in Russia? I use that in my motorcycle when its stored during the winter and to clean the fuel system in the Spring . . . there are similar products available, I also use the STP equvalent.

  5. You should add a grommet or piece of hose around the positive battery cable where it comes out of the battery box. That sharp edge could cut through the insulation and cause a direct short with the potential to blow up the battery while you're bashing around off road.

  6. I love this little vehicle the way you love knives!.It was a video about the survival vehicle that brought me to your channel,glad I found it.

  7. The Survival Russia vehicle started up exactly like I expected it would, sturdy engineering and mechanical work righ there. I'm stoked in advance for the mini crawler and all the other spring videos, have a great week Lars!

  8. I'm actually old enough to remember when some vehicles still needed hand cranks lol — in UK. My mum loved Morris Minors for some reason. I remember pushing my thumb thru the body work lol. Gotta love pre-1980's vehicles
    Seats look very comfortable. I'd call that a win

  9. Kids these days don't even know what the stick thingys are sticking up through the floor (or at least they don't in the US)!

  10. I saw a Luaz in Vancouver, BC., Canada last week; Military green. I knew immediately what it was and, was like the Pink Ninja around chocolate! …Immediately, I thought of you (Lars), and made a comment to a co-worker…that's not Lars' …that military: the cammo-paint is wrong!! Mrs Survival-Russia had nothing to do with this one…it must be military. 🙁 Great vehicle!!…wrong owner. ….7996KM too far away! DANG!!!!! Co-worker was confused as hell! 🙂

  11. The disks on my wife's car rust more than that in a week. The wheels are very open and the rain just comes in.

  12. Rolling an engine at slow speed with a hand crank before startup is ALWAYS a good idea because it pressure-charges the engine's bearings with oil.

  13. Lars’ success reminds me of the adage: an ounce of prevention (in this case, empty the fuel lines & remove the battery) is better than a pound of cure. I’m assuming there was a tarp over the vehicle over the winter, right?

  14. My 40yr old Landy has just gone away for an engine makeover…we go from the standard 70bhp military petrol engine to a 110bhp 200tdi engine.
    Also installing power steering, everything is reconditioned and like new.
    I'm excited beyond words ha ha 😂.

    Survival Russia vehicle is awesome, can't beat simple mechanics.

  15. I like the feature where you need to engage the negative to the battery. It is much like my boat; it is an added fail safe to keep you from draining your battery to 0% when you leave accessories on. (just remember to use it)

  16. Hello Survival Russia! Would be wonderfull if you would be able to make a review of the Russian UAZ Bukhanka. Not much to find on the internet about that russian vehicle and i wonder if it is a good survival vehicle.Found out it is affordable and ewley for sale in Europe (Belgium). Thanks for the fun video's and keep up the good work. Greetings from Belgium!

  17. Look at the ground clearance on that thing. Small but highly functional. I wish someone in the US would make little vehicles like that, new with those features for just exploring. I guess I could buy a $25K side by side, but that's a totally different animal. Love this little buggy.

  18. Hey, the Survival Russia Vehicle is the Same age as my Lada. I also got a handcrank, fuelpump choke and so on. Russian Vehicles, just made forever. Haha. Have great time. Greetings from Germany


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