A quick look at a very nice cargo hauling bike with all the trimmings - Surly Big Dummy with custom paint job, Stokemonkey electric assist, Brooks Saddle, and more. (It's not the bike shown right at the start...that's a Yuba Mundo).

My Dutch Bicycle

Meet my Dutch Bicycle, a WorkCycles Azor Oma. I ride her everywhere, year-round in Chicago. In this short video, I describe what makes her so bad ass. :) My written review with pictures can be found on my blog, Let's Go Ride a Bike.
Tom and Daniel go to Santa Barbara the Long Way Round -- on the off-road TransAmerica Trail via Utah, Nevada, and Oregon. Fun times had by all...

Tomichi Pass Trail

This is footage of the Tomichi Pass Trail from the begining of the first shelf of very loose talus to the Pass. Some jackass had stolen the sign at the pass but part of the truck that fell off just before the pass is still down at the bottom.