First roll-out with 4 cargo bikes in Oporto on 25 of April 2009. Bikes: Bullitt, the FastCargoBike from Denmark, Gazelle Cabby, the MultiPurposeBike from Holland. Support: Video takes: Organisation: Bikes:
Just an overall look of the Lash Out 24Volt Electric bike in my garage. Summer is coming around and the weather is finally good enough to take it out. This one has an upgraded motor for more power, but I wish I had done the 48 volt conversion. It has wiring to hold an...

TAT – River Crossing

I attempt and succeed in a successful RIVER crossing somewhere in the Ozark mountains. As you can see from the brief video, it was very intense and difficult. Do not attempt to recreate unless you are a highly skilled rider.


driving out of vondel park with cargo-bike and 4 kids after picnic in Vondelpark Amsterdam April 09
Bike courier services offer deliveries via cargo bike, capable of transporting even a "full size washer and dryer". Here we visit Eugene, Oregon's PedEx. Original content here: