The Pedego City Commuter Black Edition is a tricked-out city bike with some cruiser styling and lots of comfort features, adjustable air suspension fork, adjustable seat post shock, adjustable stem, and swept-back handlebar. Everything is black on this ebike, even the suspension stanchions! this helps the motor, battery, and wires blend in, I especially like the sturdy fenders and chain cover to help keep you clean. Available in three frame sizes, both high-step and step-thru, as well as 28″ wheel size or smaller 26″ which makes the bike approachable for people who aren’t as tall, quality tires with reflective stripes, integrated lights. The rack-mounted battery is accessible but makes the bike rear heavy, it’s removable and comes with a faster three amp charger, USB charging port on the display, great dealer availability (all over the world) and solid warranty.


  1. Regarding the kickstand position, I've put mine toward the back away from pedal interference and noticed with my battery on the rear rack it's not quite as stable. Having said that, I'm glad you don't compromise your views even when the seller is right there. EBR market forces at play.

  2. It's very tough to watch these videos about such pricey bikes. Court does a great job, but I can't help being put off by another 2 grand fucking bicycle. Court, please don't take this comment as aimed at you, you are one of my favorite people on this earth.

  3. Wow, what a difference a couple years make, a battery on the back rack looks like an old Edsel. LOL. So dated looking anymore.

  4. I'm finding it hard to understand how this is worth more than twice as much as a RadCity that comes with 48V/14ah standard for $1499. And the battery on the back rack? ugh. Having lots of dealers is great, but not sure it's worth the $$

  5. Hm let me see 2 Rads for the price of one of these bikes !!! Is this bike worth 2 Rad power bikes I don’t think so just my opinion

  6. No more 25 MPH setting in the display, that was a big reason why i bought mine in '13. ? What are they thinking using " Slime " tubes still, thet are the pits & yes I had one let loose in the seam & it took an hour to clean that crap off my bike. They did a battery recall & sent me a " safer " battery with samsung cells only problem is I payed for a 15AH & although I didnt test it for AH's it feels so much slower & I lost 1/3 of my range, bet they sent me a 11 AH with a 15AH sticker. Also my display has lost some of the functions & the grey button covers wore away so I was out of warranty & they want $ 75 bucks for a new unit, I bet it costs them 2 bucks to buy. I have 21k miles on mine & like the bike but the company not so much.

  7. Hey, it cost money to do business now a days. I like this bike but I noticed there aren't any dealers in Santa Rosa, CA and that is a big issue for me right now. Trek and Specialized are here I believe, and probably go with them. Another great review. I am learning a great deal. Truly impressed with all the features and thoughtfulness in this bike.

  8. battery on the rear rack? ew.. i expect more from a company as established as pedigo. if it were half the price i could understand, i mean no bosch midrive and still that price, cmon pedigo your failing, for that price you need a mid drive and a fame mounted battery to compete in todays market, this is not 2015 so hhmmm…

  9. Bike stand at the back of the frame add weight for unbalancing??? The rack battery was even worst to create unbalance for the whole bike. Come on Pedego, for such a high price bike you need to do something much better!

  10. Dude, your videos are awesome! I commute 16 mile a day for work by bicycle and hope to invest in my 1st ebike this year, I watch almost all your videos, keep up the great work!

  11. I own a Pedego City Commuter and a Prodeco step through. The City Commuter is twice the cost. The City Commuter has 2100 miles, is pedal assist and throttle controlled. The Prodeco is throttle only.
    I like both bikes but the City Commuter is way more bike than the Prodeco. For me pedal assist and throttle together is the way to go.

    I like 26 inch tires because it is easier to get on and off and 26 tires have more choice when buying new tires.

    As momma used to say, what you pay for is what you get.

  12. I just bought a Ridge Rider. Worth the extra money. Great service, warranty, and components. I ride 20-30 miles daily on it. You get what you pay for.


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