After 3 years of using this rack here are my thoughts on its durability and value.


  1. Clint, or another cheaper solution is to have a tip down muffler tip welded on your vehicle so that the exhaust fumes are aimed down instead.. Good luck anyway

  2. I recently upgraded from the Swagman G10 to the Swagman Semi 2.0 because the bracket that clamps down on the frame (very similar to your rack) was scratching up our frames. Our dirt driveway makes it impossible to keep the foam brackets clean, so they turn into sandpaper on the frame if we forget to use a cloth. The Semi 2.0 rack clamps down on the front tire and seems far more secure to me.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience. Have you consider the Kuat NV2 version. I've the NV and in my opinion is a better build than Yakima.

  4. My long term review is that its meant to hold light bikes and not used offroad. The rack was always loose at the hitch area and the bolt eventually stripped making it even worse for long trips. After 1.5 year I returned it and used the money for a Kuat Transfer with 15% coupon from JensonUSA. I was happy with the Transit maybe for a year after that I knew I needed something stronger and stable.

  5. One issue that doesn't get addressed IMHO with rear racks is the blocking of the rear tail lights by the multiple bikes. I added a 3rd break light at the rear of the rack to my Thule. Living in Florida, the drivers are bad enough the way it is. Great video as always.

    PS as a work around take a Styrofoam cup , cut it in half and let the rim sit on it. Will protect the rim from the heat . Or as I mentioned below you can relocate the direction of the exhaust tip

  6. I've been using this same rack for a couple years now for both mountain and road bikes. It is unbeatable for the price. It 's far superior to an overpriced Thule which I have also used. I cant't stand hang style "swing-and-bang" racks, it's amazing how many people use those junky things. I usually put it on my pickup so I actually like that it sits a little low.

  7. If you haven't already bought the new rack, I would like to offer one for consideration I had this transition rack a while, it worked ok, but ended up selling and getting a Kuat, Sherpa 2.0 it was a little expensive, but it is aluminum and the finish is the best I have seen on any rack. I looked real hard at the Yakima racks, I have had several over the years, but the Kuat really impressed me. it is stable under way, very easy to use, 32lbs makes it much more manageable to carry in and out of a townhouse front door. the use of plastic is minimal, and it looks good leaving on my car, it even matches my paint. Note, it is important to look at the 2.0 model, not the original. the original had some problems with stability in the hitch and did not have the tilt ability. the 2.0 fixed that. they also make a model called the NV which has a built in bike stand and has more adjustability, both models have the ability to buy an add on rack that ups capacity to 4 bikes. sorry if this sounds like an add for kuat, I just spent a few months looking at several different racks from Thule, Yakima and Kuat, and this is where I ended up.

  8. I have an after-market 2" hitch on an older model crv (2002). Mine looks to be even with the exhaust pipe. I'm toting older inexpensive Huffy bikes (not mountain bikes, not racing bikes). Do you know if they are of a material that the exhaust would not melt? We only tote our bikes a few times a year, but they are 3-4 hour drives.
    Also, did you find the adapter for the 2" hitch held firm? Many I have tried are wobbly. They hold, but it's a little worrisome looking in the rear view mirror at the bikes bouncing and rocking – especially if you go over a speed bump!

  9. Even though it's much cheaper the trays for the tires are actually metal and not plastic that can break on the more expensive models. Every pricey rack I've looked at seems to have a flaw in the design where they use plastic on some of the most critical areas. The other racks also had one tray and a partial tray or not any kind of second tray at all for the second tire.


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