A1 Coaching’s Aaron Buggle gives his take on the Planet X EC-130E Aero Road Bike.

It has a cheaper price tag than its competitors, but how does it compare on the road?

Planet X Ireland:

Video Directed and Produced by Evan O’Gorman.

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  1. Great edit Evan. Nicely done Aaron. Seems like a good fit for my next bike, or a BMC, still undecided, either way it will be a 2018 model before I change again.

  2. I've been looking at grabbing one of these I'm just curious on how stiff they are.. as theres not many normal rider reviews ?

  3. Good review , it certainly looks good especially in that colour . The brand wouldn't put me off I'd sooner , put the extra cash i saved into a holiday in the canaries cycling

  4. Another great video. Just discovered your channel and think you guys put up some fantastic content and are some craic to boot. As a novice roadman myself, been looking at that aero rig from planetx. I'm in between frame sizes at 5ft11. Any advice on what you guys run frame size wise if around that same height. Cheers.

  5. Had it for over a 6mths now,mine comes with SRAM force 22,I'm not sure if mine is busted or SRAM always feel heavier and sluggish compared to Shimano,my previous bike had Ultegra I can ride for 20miles without feeling tired now for 3 miles on low gear and feels super sluggish

  6. Funny I bought one last year – NEVER BUY PLANET-X AGAIN EVER EVER EVER – What a piece of crap the the backup service stinks. steer clear of this company

  7. Good start for a review, but best thing to do when doing reviews is make a bullet list of points to cover. that way you can quantify your feeling of the bike in numbers/stats. (see reviews)

  8. This ticks most boxes (coming from a Canyon aeroad) but the tire clearance looks small: will it fit 28 mm tires? (mostly riding 25, but fr some events 28 is great!)


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