The Propella V2.0 Single-Speed is a lightweight urban ebike weighing just ~34 lbs, simple to use single speed drivetrain, beautiful black and blue color scheme throughout, stylized bottle-battery, efficient 250-watt hub motor. Top pedal-assist speed of 16 mph works exceptionally well the stock gearing ratio and the pure sine wave controller provides smooth quiet roll on of power. Optional carbon fiber front aero wheel upgrade looks great and increases aerodynamic efficiency, it also likely weighs than the standard wheel, but it can catch the wind and impact steering. $1,200 price tag makes the Propella 2.0 a good value buy, especially with the many name brand components it includes: Shimano disc brakes, Bafang motor, Zoom handlebars and more.


  1. Pretty sweet looking bike! Very stylish! Too expensive though. It should be faster and more powerful for that price. Going in the right direction though!

  2. Really missed out by not adding a throttle – single speed in traffic is a pita to start up from stops – you'd be sorely tempted to blow thru stop signs. Battery is extremely small considering the price.

    And title is misleading. Bike as shown is $1450, not $1200, right?

  3. Great bike and good job on the review. Whenever I see a bike in this class with the 250W motor, I compare to the EM Easy Go Race which is also a 34lb single speed. This one is a little different at around the same price point. This bike has disc brakes: The Easy Go has the caliper squeeze style brakes. Could be a deal breaker IMHO. Thanks guys!

  4. what does single speed mean? You only have first gear? Maybe I'm wrong but that would be some heavy duty pedalling at 20MPH in first gear wouldn't it?

  5. I would not buy any ebike with a Bafang hub motor. Poor quality and function. Much prefer mid drive from quality manufacturer.

  6. Cool bike but just not a fan of single drive gear. Love that it weighs 34 pounds! Water bottle battery, cool design. Cool looking bike!


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