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  1. Hello brother.. you both manage to stay cool and affectionate all the time which i love. I always stay cool and wanted to be with my wife the way u both are.. but she always makes me angry.. loved the vlog though

  2. Since you said there is a lot of cat movement it's better to take your vehicles out regularly instead of covering them for a long time. We have had bad experiences in the past especially rats.

  3. What was that at 12:13 in the background in sky? If That was thunder strike in sky then it was mind blowingly captured randomly, i guess that was lights falling on trees behind😜

  4. Wtf was that laugh @ starting bro.i thinked that my ear was gone.but bike and car covers were awesome…πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  5. Useful Video Sriman Kotaru, what’s the promo code to get the TPH Covers @ discount price & what was the model name for ur cover…….

  6. U plz plan a trip to kerala … to our GODS OWN country .. n feel the nature ..
    There are litz of nyz places here in kerala to have a bike trip
    Few suggestions are
    Athirapalli – valpara
    Alapuzha backwaters
    Fort kochi
    Varkala cliff

    Plz plan a trip n make a amazing travel vlog

  7. Bro, which Engine Oil do you use for your Karizma ??? Please help to suggest me a best oil for my ZMR …Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  8. Hey sriram, loved your content which is simple and straight, I’m a rider, professional photographer. Would like to have a word with you if you have got some time. ☺️

  9. Hi bro. Tried to open tph cover website but every time it shows register blog pop out and I filled it but it pop out again and again and again.. I dont know what the problem is..

  10. Kya hai be tym waste kar raha tu public ka …tumahara video dekhne koi nahi baitha Idhar…Tum Khud ko Ram Charan samjhta kya ?? Saala mudde ki baat kar or Nikal ..Idiot guys


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