In this 1st episode of our journey through the Pyrenees, we begin at the Miami airport where we take a flight to the Mediterranean city of Barcelona, Spain. Once in Barcelona, we rent the bikes that will become our companion for the next 8 days as we zigzag the Pyrenees Mountain between Spain, France, and Andorra. On this first leg we leave Barcelona following the Costa Brava north to the small coastal town of Cadaques, the famous fishing village where salvador Dali spent a big part of his life. Then we ride deep into the mountain to the winter town of Camprodon.
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  1. I love to ride here in my state of Texas, I couldn’t afford these trips that you do. So I love watching each trip you provide us, how beautiful Spain is. Thanks keep them coming!

  2. Excelente viaje Carlos, veo que está con Miguelito (quien no pudo terminar contigo la TAT)… Sigo a muchos moteros que han hecho esta ruta y siempre en lindo ver esos paisajes… Gracias por las imágenes!

  3. Looking forward to this series. I took a road trip with friends from k-town Germany to lloret de mar, Spain. The landscape and architecture were amazing to see. Thanks for the video. Enjoying and entertaining

  4. First attempt? Well, to that I say, if videographers are born, you sir surely are a born videographer! Beautiful work as always! As another commenter related, not all can go on this sort of adventure. But, through your lens, we have the opportunity. Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Carlos, beyond that I am one of the friends that was with you, I need to congratulate once more time, for the great job, of this first episode. I know about the little material you had and how difficult it was for you to do it. I congratulate my friend and it is always a privilege to travel in motorcycle together.lets dream for our next trip. Abrazo hermano!!

  6. Spain is one of my favourite destinations. The Pyrenees is on my list and I can ride my own bike there. I also want to do the Picos de Europa in Northern Spain. I have only ridden in Andalucia which has some amazing roads. I am going to the Sierra Nevada, Alpujarras region in Spain next month for 5 days.
    Great video amigo, looking forward to the next.
    p.s. You must have a very understanding wife letting you go to such places.

  7. What a great video and getting to do this trip with close friends is amazing. Can't wait till the next one

  8. Absolutely fantastic! Thank you for this beautiful scenery. I really enjoy the way you depict the cities and surrounding countryside. And the music, it makes me want to go ride! Another wonderful video from you all. Next week, a friend and I are starting a ten day ride out to the western states and then back to our home in East Tennessee. I’ll try to get a few videos, but I doubt I can reproduce the excitement you all put into your presentations! Thanks again for this great video! Ride safe and ride aware my friend!

  9. The photos in your home declare your skills with the lens – still and video, Carlos! What a fun trip to take with good friends through amazing scenery. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us so we can travel vicariously. Vamanos!

  10. Hooola , estuvisteis en mi ciudad Barcelona , deseo que os gustara la ruta y la estancia en mi pais , saludos vsss

  11. Nice to see guys again. I love your videos so much. As usual, landscape und scenery are „ soooo beautiful“.

  12. Thank as well for mentioning the V Strom. I have been looking at getting one lately and after your words about the bike I'm going to do it.

  13. Me encanta ver como gente de fuera de España disfruta de mi país en moto. Genial aventura y estupendo vídeo, aunque me hubiese gustado ver un poco de offroad por la zona de los Pirineos.

    Gracias por compartir. Un saludo.

  14. awesome video. as always. id like to know more about the company you went through to rent the bikes. do you have a link? thank you

  15. Hola Amigo, 2 days to go and I will be arriving in Bilbao and riding my own bike (GSA) on the same route except that I will be going from West to East and then more til Mid September………..Thank you for you fantastic videos and the the "life" you put in the riding. Ride safe hermano……………..

  16. Beautifully done. I'm 69, been doing long rides since I was 19. Just sold my DL650 and having to decide if I'm getting something smaller or if my riding days are over. Videos like this make me want to continue, but if I don't I can always enjoy rides online like this. Thanks!

  17. Great vid, but I noticed you guys spend an awful lot of time on the opposite lane. That guy in the red GS at 10.43 was really overdoing it on that hairpin.

  18. Great film, I would be interested to know what kind of drone with what camera you use, your images are terrific.


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