The Rad Power Bikes RadMini is a funky miniaturized folding fat tire bike with two cargo racks! Truly capable of sand and snow riding, LED lights guide and keep you safe, the bike offers assist and throttle drive modes. Basic seven speed drivetrain from Shimano, plastic chain guide keeps things on track, metal derailleur guard protects the sensitive bits if the bike tips over to the right. Nice 180 mm mechanical disc brakes with e-bike specific brake levers that cut power to the system when pulled, I like the integrated bell on the left lever and rubberized front edges for comfort. The front rack turns as you steer the bike and if you aren’t careful when parking, it can tip to the side and spill your gear out, no bungee or clasps to keep it from unfolding.


  1. Cool bro, nice reviews. By the way, when are you reviewing the MADSEN 271 KG, it would be good to have your perspective over that one, just a comment. Congrats.

  2. It's perfect for traveling on Greyhound or another bus company.
    Great for someone who doesn't own a vehicle or simply doesn't want to drive. You can go from city to city charge your battery courtesy of

  3. Stop waving your hand in front of the camera….we can see most of what you saying, we don't need to see your hand waving. If you talk to people do you wave your hand in their face?

  4. Whoever is designing these bikes must have a lot of fun. The way all the components are put together is very creative.

  5. Great reviews…Question: Who makes a more street oriented tire for this bike. 20×4 is tough to find.

  6. we need to know which are the best folding fat tire bikes. in terms of motor power , range , built quality and of course price.the rad? the voltbike? in terms of power is this one significantly more powerful? which would you choose?

  7. The Rad Mini seems cool, so does the Rover.  I saw a rider coasting up a windy hill with the Rad Mini on my local trail.  We chatted, he was quite happy with it and maybe the only E-biker that I've met who didn't envy my Super 73.  Well, he liked the tires on the 73 better but there's nothing wrong with the Rad Mini tires!  It looks like a lot of fun.

  8. I took the RadMini out for a test ride last week. Feelings are mixed.

    The front rack is pretty worthless, aside from a MadMax vibe. Using it actually causes the front fork to rotate to the left, and even w/ kickstand down, weight disparity/CG thrown off. It WILL fall over. (if it had a center stand, it would work much better)

    As a longtime bike rider and 18 years of motorcycle experience too, I found the Rad more elec…than bike. What I mean is….the crank rotation, noise, vibration, gear changes, etc. is NOT a "silky" experience.

    20" tires demand alot of attention; it's twitchy, rider beware. I found the tires good for shock-absorption, since the grips and seat aren't shock dampened.

    Acceleration is good. With small diameter tires, at 20mph, you feel like you're screaming along. (I'm 190#)

    The folding feature is great; takes about 90sec.; I tried it. The weight: well, for the folding feature you pay a weight penalty. This model was 60lb+ (w/ battery), so not something I'd wanna carry 4 stories up in my walk-up condo.

    I'm considering this type of E-bike (20" wheels, folding) because I need a little "assist" now at my age/condition, and geography: I live in downtown Seattle….HILLS galore!

    Also doing some RV travelling w/ my dad…and this would be a viable alternative to a tow car for once you get "there".

    ps: Hey Rad Power Bikes: Sponsor me, support me, supply me for the following: A ride on the Mini from downtown Seattle to Gig Harbor, WA. About 60mi. Give me 2-3 batteries, some Go Pros, and beer at the end of the trip.

  9. A reviewer should know how to set up a bike. That skyward pointing saddle is ridiculous, as is the squat seat height. But it looks like you don't do much real pedaling.

  10. I have the big tire Radpower Rover and my mini arrived today just in time for it to rain (9/09/2017). Really looking forward to ridding this smaller bike, these are more fun than should be allowed. I am 73, do not own a vehicle, so these will allow me to ride all the different terrain here in Arizona USA

  11. Can you put one of those Styrofoam things that comes with kids bike but bigger size, on the mini Rad just where the folding bar is, so it won,t mess up your leg

  12. It looks like a great electric bike but, seriously, what's the point in making a folding bike that's HUGE like the RadMini. It defeats the purpose. (Mini it's not.) I do like the off-road capabilities though. Very cool bike.


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