You can learn more about the Raleigh Captus 2015 eBike here low step here:
Or learn about the Raleigh Captus crossbar version here:

We review the Raleigh Captus 2015 at e-bikshop (the UK’s largest Authorized Raleigh eBike dealer).

The Raleigh Catus is the younger sibling to the Raleigh Motus for 2015 within the Raleigh electric bike range of electric bikes.

Available in both cross bar & low step versions, the Raleigh Captus is a versatile eBike for most users who want a bike for commuting / leisure / hybrid cycling.

The Raleigh Captus comes fully equipped with full length mudguards, stand, adjustable stem, comfortable saddle, comfort grips, puncture resistant tyres & a rear rack on the low step version situating the Bosch battery pack.

Raleigh have specc’d the Captus with the latest Bosch Active Line electric bike system and the 300Wh power pack.

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  1. Thanks for the useful review video. I'm buying one! Also recommended in 'The Guardian' Saturday a week ago


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