The Raleigh Tamland iE is a trail-capable speed pedelec with flared drop bars and gravel grinder 650b tires, it’s relatively lightweight at just 46.3 lbs and the drive system weight is all positioned low and center. The battery pack hides in the downtube and the Brose TF motor is compact and quiet, making this a stealthier electric bike that won’t attract unwanted attention, only one color scheme at this time. Three frame sizes ensure a comfortable fit for high-performance riding, lots of threaded eyelets for adding fenders, a rear rack, and bottle cage or folding lock, quick release wheels are easy to remove or service on the go. Magnetic charger tip won’t get bent or tip the bike as easily if tripped over but the rubber cap on the battery itself is easy to misplace, the battery must be activated with a button press before riding, removable display can be stored safely and has a full sized USB port on the mount for charging accessories on the go. Electric trail bike with drop bars, electric bike with drop bars are fairly rare but this one also goes faster and is Class 3.


  1. Looks really good and the motor doesn't make much noise. I like it. I would stick some rubber to that battery though.

  2. EBikes should be able to pedal up to 35 MPH. No reason to limit them to 20 or 28. When I ride my Stromer on two lane roads going 29 MPH I have people following me without attempting to pass me for many miles until it is completely safe for them to do it. They never seem angry when they pass me. I am not holding them up greatly. 20 mph is just too slow.

  3. Shame none of these manufacturers (off road variants) don't consider making damping systems for the batteries couldn't be too difficult to implement as that noise would drive me nuts πŸ˜‰

  4. Court have you tried a ShockStop Suspension Stem for the dampening. I put one on one of my bikes and love it. I didn't want the added weight (nor expense) of a new shock fork.

  5. Hello ElectricbikeReview please can you give me advice of my problem with my electrical bike
    My problem
    My electrical bike don’t have the battery ( impulse 2.0 ) please tell me what I should do

  6. Nice bike but I wouldn't have thought a bike with dropped bars and no suspension would be suitable for this terrain?

  7. Man I can't tell you how much I appreciate the 3rd person video. Mainly to see the riding position, how geometry is working, and also have a better idea of size. I would like to see more of that in your reviews. I love your reviews, many details, but you rarely offer a 3rd person video when you do the review by yourself.

  8. Hey Court. I was wondering if you'd consider making a video showing how well the bosch active and active plus climb steep hills? That's one of the biggest questions I have about these newer engines. Is the power and torque adequate? I live Vancouver, which can be quite hilly, and hope to purchase a 2018 Cube Hybrid Touring Pro 400. Thanks.

  9. hey i need some help im looking to get a kinda fast bike that could go 9 miles and back but im on a budget of like 400 so any suggestions?


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