The Raleigh Venture iE is an approachable electric cruiser bike with reinforced single-tube frame that feels solid and stable, available in three sizes to fit a wide range of riders and two colors for variety. Beautiful faux leather touch points and battery box accents, oversized saddle, padded grips, swept back handlebar and riser stem provide a relaxed body position, high volume Schwalbe tires deliver comfort and durability. Bosch Active Line Cruise is the entry point in terms of power but it’s also the lightest and quietest motor in their lineup, excellent battery position, compact charger is easy to bring along. Limited accessories and no bottle cage bosses but you probably could add fenders and rear rack if you wanted, lights can be wired in to the Bosch system, powerful hydraulic disc brakes, compact display panel with simple controls… though it’s not removable.


  1. I am always surprized at your misplaced sexizing ebiks. I instantly liked the aqua color, and I dislike black as a bike color in total, but then stating this could be a his & her combination, is totally a misplaced gender thought process. I wish you would rethink your beliefs around this. I truly love the look of these ebikes. Simple straight forward design.

  2. Será sem duvida o meio de transporte favorito para as pessoas amigas do planeta …Saúde!!!

  3. Court, I wish that on all your reviews you would tell us where they are made. Yeh' I know they are made up of components from different countries, but it would be nice to know you were not getting China made bikes. Thanks for your reviews. You do a better review than your partner. Just my opinion.

  4. I don't think the typical person riding this bike would likely be concerned about that 100 RPM limit. And I too agree, these would be a great "his" and "her" combo especially for the aging couple. Really glad step through bikes have become a common term so guys can ride girl bikes 🙂 However, after 46+ years in manufacturing, I remain amazed at the profit margin these ebikes have maintained (so far).

  5. Very chic bikes. I like the Design. I prefere the darker colors. Amazing cruiser for cali weather. Nice Review again. Always watch them. 🙂

  6. Crazy place for the battery on a ladies bike. My partner said she wouldn't like it. Maybe a woman should review ladies bikes.

  7. Wait what?! pauses video Throttle doesn't work well with mid-drive motors? o.O
    The ONLY truth to this is with regard to rider ignorance. If you arn't smart enough to use gears (who would that be?) then maybe it's not as wise to use a throttle (or even bother riding a bike), but in general that statement is false. In fact you could even say the opposite is true… for example if you're going down a steep street, that sharply curves back up, being able to use a high gear+throttle as you go down it, you can gain enough speed to go up the other side very effectively and efficiently, whereas if you had a hub motor the motor wouldn't be able to generate enough torque to gain you extra speed as you go down because the RPM of the tire would be too high already, plus it would require pedaling which in a situation like this you'd rather just focus on handling the speed safely and braking when need at the top of your ascent. Its typical when going down a hill fast, to stand up rather then remain seated, so again a throttle (and a mid-drive) would be an advantage not a draw back.

    Side note:
    The way to wear out mid-drive motors is to use them often in situations where the RPM of the motor isn't able to get above a certain threshold, like using a throttle at too high a gear to where its barely able to assist but it's still trying hard to do so. Therefor if you're clueless about gears and you have a mid-drive with a throttle you COULD actually hurt your motor… still you'd have to be pretty clueless to damage it, or be in a situation where its worse off that you had a throttle.


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