Time to jump aboard my mountain-bike and head through the heart of London catching many landmark sites and streets as I go cycling!

I’m using a GoPro Hero 2 HD camera mounted on my cycle helmet for spectacular picture quality and great wide angle imagery.

Where there are less exciting intervals (such as red traffic lights or stretches of road with not much to see) then I make a video cut or speed up the playback to keep it interesting. Otherwise it’s real-time all the way.

Follow my progress using your favourite mapping application on a second screen such as your smartphone or tablet.

I’m starting at the south-east corner of Regent Park lat/long: 51.524112,-0.145216 about to head south into Park Crescent, crossing over Marylebone Road to do so. Text appears on the screen as I turn left, right, or cross over each major junction. I’ll be cycling down Portland Place, Regent Street, through Piccadily Cirus, passing Leicester Square, heading across Trafalgar Square then the Mall to Buckingham Palace, following the edges of St James Park to get to Westminster Square, then passing Big Ben and over Westminster Bridge to the South Bank, County Hall and London Eye wheel, then along the pedestrian route through the South Bank all the way to Tate Modern.

This video was shot Sunday 11th November (Remembrance Sunday) using the GoPro Hero 2 set to HD 720P mode for maximum quality within the capacity of the SD card onto which it was recording. You’ll see the shadow of the camera mounted on top of my helmet!


  1. I have been watching your video while doing my exercise on my gazelle glider. I look forward to seeing something new every time I watch it. Thank you for sharing and making a nice addition to my morning routine.

  2. thanks for sharing buddy.. man I would've been waay too anxious to be cycling through a place so crowded like London. Well done buddy 🙂

  3. You mentioned about your favorite pub, which sells "great premium ciders." Does that mean alcohol? If so, that is terrible. I have ranted against alcohol for YEARS. Nobody should use alcohol, it is a drug! Just because it's legal doesn't make it right! And I would never go into a "pub." Just like I wouldn't go into a bar here in America!! 

  4. Great video but you really must learn some respect for people walking. You're on a bike you cannot just cut infront of their natural path. Almost everyone you cut in front of had to stop in their tracks so you could pass. Like I said good video but cmon dude at least go behind the people walking across the street.

  5. I guess bicycles aren't allowed on sidewalks at all. What about a motorized bicycle? Not a motorcycle…. I wonder what their rules are on that? Hmm…

  6. You guys need to figure out how to filter out that breezy sound. It really makes your journey suck and i was let down as I was looking forward to the trip. I couldn't really just turn the sound down and played a music cd or something but then it wouldn't be a "real time" thing. No?

  7. i always wanted to run in London!!! im going in June, how's the weather then? im from California so im used to not dressing warm lol.


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