The bike was having troubles with shifting so I went inside the engine to weld my shifting pin and a custom reinforcer. It’s a 2006 kx250f. Check out the 1st video.


  1. Get a 2 Stroke man it would be a lot easier on those hills and u will have more power to ur disposal !!

  2. I feel like an absolute noob idk any thing about dirt bikes i just ride smooth not to the point where i have to fix it all the time

  3. I remember the first time I changed the oil on my dirtbike… the extra power I felt afterwords…. just felt right, cause I actually did it myself… Give a caveman a dirt bike and see if he can change some oil. Felt like a MAN knowing I DID THAT!!!!!!! Fk yeah america DIY OR DIE

  4. hey 3D Machines. I have a 85 cr250r and I just noticed on rebuild I got a crack in the bottom on the jug stud. do you think I'd be okay to run it? or could I fix it with jb weld or something. let me know what you think. big fan by the way

  5. dude how did this happen in the first place? you broke the engine case INSIDE? around the shifting rod…. how does this happen? I've been riding 20 years NEVER have I seen a case break like that…… I'm so curious about this and how/why it happened

  6. Awesome videos ive been watching all your vids,i have subscribed still watching in 2016 from mike in liverpool england

  7. Hey 3D machines , I have a question for you, I have a yamaha moto 4 , what is the best way to clean the crankcase without disassembling? ( my engine is out the bike because I am doing a top end rebuild) and continue your videos you are awesome!!

  8. did u sell this bike theres another video on youtube of a man with this exact same problem…..and its been welded like this but its failed on him ???

  9. It might work for a little while or forever but the methods and the repair are GHHHETTO and Brake Clean would have been better for rinsing out the crankcase. Also not many people have a TIG other specialized setup for melting the aluminum

  10. It tuck me only 1 hour to take a Yamaha yz 250f apart no inpacked drill no proper tools or any think I know know nothing about engine

  11. sir. my xr 125 yr model 2013 i think has a problem, early morning when i start the engine it feels good but when the engine gets hotter it started to cut the force of the engine when u rev it. what can i do for that please help me anyone knows the solution please help me.


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