This is a review and 3 popular bicycle tail lights: the cateye, the plant bike super flash and the Dinotte 300R – I filmed on an overcast day, then at dusk and then in the dark – you can see all three lights in all three scenarios.


  1. true, i guess if you did put it on the mode where all the lights are on it would be brighter. My issue withe the cateye is no quick release (it also sits horizontally – where i wish it was vertical). It's not a bad light, it's just not a very good light given the new advents to lights.

  2. @TheVexatiousLitigant yea, I have heard that it should be one row random and the other row lit up – which seems that it would do a better job. Still, with that it wouldn't even come close to closing the gap to the Dinotte – the Dinotte is just that much better. But, yes, I did not have the cat eye in the proper setting.

  3. Wow $200 bucks..! It better have performed better then a $20 unit..! I'd save $180 bucks and buy the super flash..!

  4. Nice demo saddle 🙂

    Really I think the bottom line is that surface area is a huge win for rear lights. The newer Cateyes e.g. the TL-LD650 really win by being a really BIG light so they're a bigger target to look at.

  5. This is the worst test ever done. You should have had all three sitting side by side at the same angle and height then turn them all on to the same setting, usually the steady mode is the strongest light. You got the 3 lights separated by quite a bit, then angle to the NiNotte straight into the light so it looks intense while the other two are off angled so they look dimmer. This demonstration was very poorly done thus don't dare to draw any conclusions from this.

  6. The SuperFlash really isn't visible during daylight. The DiNotte can be seen from outer space… well, not really but it is VERY bright and can easily be seen during the day even bright daylight.

  7. DiNotte also makes a light with external AA pack. It takes any AA rechargeable battery and comes with 2 battery holders. They cost $119 plus shipping.

  8. that Dinotte looks beast same as price hahaah! But I had Lezyne and Portland Design Danger Zone and it's really bright and got it for $20 . Maybe you should buy Portland Design Works Dangerzone too 🙂 

  9. Why does a tail light have to be that powerful? It might blind drivers or cause a seizure and do more harm than good


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