A quick review of the Blue Motion Turbo Trainer from Tacx. The Tacx Satori is very similar to this trainer with a slightly different resistance unit.


  1. Excellent review. There is one going for 110 UKP. I am wondering whether I will actually use it, in winter.

    I see, or I gues that you are the wattzapp developer since your video is on that site.
    Virtual Reality Indoor Cycle Training
    Interesting idea. It would be nice if there were videos of the UK. I am  from the UK and live in Japan. Perhaps I would enjoy indulging in some nostalgia as I ride around London (that could be scary), Petersfield, Ipswich, Bath, Bristol, Edinburgh or Powys (the places where I have lived in the UK)

  2. I'm not sure if i'm gonna buy it because I live at 2nd floor and I think it will be too noisy for my neighbor .. What do you think +davidzof ?!

  3. just bought mine from  decathlon on friday for £129 instead of £169 trying it out on monday been off bike for 3 week now cos of xmas not good

  4. My trainer tyre shredded alot during a couple of sessions. I had it just just touching. Now i have it connected pretty tight that gives a lot of resistance to the the wheel, is this incorrect?

  5. Hi is this the matic or motion? And how do you find the sturdiness and the resistance level? Is it enough to get a burn and pump or is it just mild?

  6. Hi, Useful review thanks. I bought one of these about a year ago and have had a bit of a nightmare with it. My thought was to use my MTB on it just to keep my cardio up. First problem MTB tyres are just too noisy on the trainer, not a problem just get a training tyre Tacx do one, problem is they don't make it to fit the tyre size, also struggled to find an inner tube to fit it as they don't do one, after looking at the problem online I did what others had done and basically got the tyre to fit – all good. Next problem was the range of adjustment provided by the two holes – neither really fitted my wheel size (27), never mind just get it to work again so I did, however under load the tyre slipped on the roller. Not a problem Ill just re adjust it using the adjustment wheel, turned it a little bit more and it came away from the internal fitting lol. Now struggling (really struggling) to put it all back together properly. My experience has been of my own making the item is well made and had I just used a road bike I think would have been really simple and would have served me well. Good luck and happy travels 🙂

  7. Excellent product. It is well designed, well constructed with good materials. The control is progressive. I us an MTB and changed the tyre to a trainer tyre. Its quiet and smooth and I would highly recommend this product that in my opinion is good value for money.


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