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Is the long-standing Specialized Allez model beginning to show its age? We test it to find out
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  1. I have the Specialized Allez but not this model I have the one thats is below the S-Works Allez, is a REALLY awesome bike.

  2. I am interested in one, but can't find one anywhere near where I live. I could buy it online, but it's probably not a good idea to buy a bike without riding it, right? (I know from riding others that I would need a 58cm frame, so that's not an issue)

  3. Actually only the 2015 Allez basic is using aluminum frok before and after 2015 the Allez basic model are using carbon fork due to Specialized is using A1 aluminum before 2015 and start using E5 aluminum for all Allez. so maybe you guys need do more background or just talk to some bike shop to make your work better.☺

  4. I got my winter bike for the equivalent of just under 250 pounds. It has a double butted 6061 aluminium frame and carbon forks with an alloy steerer, 16sp shimano claris shifters and derailleurs, prowheel ounce 421c crankyset and a shimano HG-somethingarather cassette which it 13-26 (not gappy) also has a metal lock ring. The whole bike comes in at a whopping 10,300 grammes. You could sell the claris groupo and upgrade to the new tiagra or 105 or something nice and still come in at or under 600 english pecos. You can get is bigger brother for about 500 quid with full(hubs and all) 22sp 105 and double butted hydroformed alloy frame with smooth welds and alloy FSA components. 

    What you're paying for on this bike is the hydroformed smooth welded frame which is purely cosmetics. I'm sure it's a good frame but is it really worth the extra 200 quid? just for some bend tubes and smooth welds? If you're a form over function kind of person and money doesn't concern you the allez is perfect but i'm not, so to me; this bike is a waste of money.

  5. I want to get into road biking and I've been looking at a bunch of entry level stuff from the big companies. They all seem like good bikes…gonna be a tough choice!

  6. I bought my son the model up the Allez sport in monster green (colour was why he wanted it )  sora groupset he loves it,  He is only 14 so its really special for him,  I have a high end Trek Domane  and have riode his bike and for the money its very good.  I would recommend for a starter bike.

  7. with just 8 gears Claris is a bit Stone Age , compared to other options, 10 should be the minimum these days.

  8. Found a gem on craigslist. 2015 Allez Elite DSW with SRAM Red groupset upgrades for $700. Fairly new to road bikes coming from a $200 Schwinn Prelude but I think I got a pretty good deal?

  9. Can I make the sport of this bike more of an endurance bike easily. What would be a good price point for the 2009 specialized allez sport cost?

  10. Just picked up the 2016 Allez e5 brand new and it is a cracking bit of kit … Shimano Sora running gear, much nicer colours than the 2017 Model which is exactly the same spec as the 2016. Great Bike …

  11. Guys could anyone tell me the frameset weight of this bike? I have the same bike with 2017 model which performs awesome.The thing is I want to if the frameset is worth the upgrade with better components.If it's too heavy, I might have to sell it out.


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