My review of this excellent steel gravel touring bike. A couple of changes from standard spec, with upgraded shifters, rear derailleur and saddle.

An excellent bike, with a great feel for the terrain, and great capability for so many conditions. Definitely a bike to consider for all sorts of mixed terrain rides, even including single track.


  1. looks nice! the color seems blueish to me, on the homepage its described as some white tone and ive seen reviews saying it looks more green than white.. can you maybe confirm this or post a link of the bike?

    thank you

  2. Hows the gear changing ? looks like my dream commute and travel bike but my race bike has gotten me used to heavenly electric shifting, so thats my only concern. Obviously ive checked out the higher model but its a very steep price and i like the colour on this one better anyway ahaha
    great vid dude

  3. Great review. just wondering, can you give some details on the 29er tires you threw in that sucker? looks like a 29X2.1 Renegade. I've been looking for a good tire to replace those sawtooths on mine (I deal with lots of mud in Alaska, and the sawtooth has not been ideal).

  4. Hi. I've just ordered this bike, can't wait to get it. I have a quick question though if you don't mind – can you do a straight swap of the RS505 shifters for the RS685 or do you have to change the whole brake system to match? Thanks PS. Great Video!

  5. Thx for your review. I'm about to buy sequoia frame set and bulid custom and parhraps a bit lighter machine than Elite model. Have a question: what size of mtb tires You were able to fit? They seem to be quite wide on last picture.

  6. Thanks for your quick review, very useful and concise, excellent. I'd like to see how can you fit a front rack here to carry bags in the front. I imagine there is no difficulty fitting one in the back.

  7. just ordered this bike. it's being built by my shops mechanic to be completed by Saturday. really excited about it! same one the sequoia elite.

  8. Can you do a review on how it road w/ the Mountain Bike Tires?  Or comment?  Wondering how it road and how it was in Single Track with them on.


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