A new hybrid bike was required as yesterday I hit a pothole in Salford that screwed up the front wheel of my mountain bike, 1st ride on my new bike which makes me a lot more visible but people still don’t know the rules of the road.

Started modding the bike already and should have it looking like Blackpool illuminations (and I don’t mean looking like shite) by the end of the week 🙂


Lupus Rides is a log of Rides and incidents around the Manchester/Bolton area.



Q. Why should you have a right to use the road, you don’t pay Road Tax?
A. Road Tax was abolished in 1937. Roads are paid for by council tax. Car Tax is VED, all vehicles pay this based on emissions unless they produce no emissions, this includes Bicycles and Electric Vehicles (even though electric cars require electricity that causes emissions when it’s being produced but you get taxed on electricity separately).

Q. Why are you not using the cycle lane?
A. There could be several reasons for that, there may be grids or potholes or cars in the cycle lane making it unsafe, there may be a bus trying to pass from behind in a shared cycle lane, I may be overtaking, I may be “Taking Point” in order to make myself obvious to other drivers so they don’t cut me up or “hook me” as they turn, I could be getting in the right lane at a junction. A bicycle does not have to use the cycle lane.

Q. Why do you pull in front of the cars at the lights?
A. Because unless it’s unsafe that’s what we are supposed to do when there is a ASL Box (Bike Box) on the road.

Q. Why did you take issue with the driver pulling up next to you at the traffic lights?
A. When I get annoyed at drivers doing this it’s because when they pass the 1st line they are running a red light and making my space unsafe, it’s the same as if I was to pass the second red light.

Q. Why did you get annoyed when that driver overtook you?
A. He was probably too close or overtook at a pinch point or he overtook using part of the lane I was in while I was in the middle of it, other than being illegal I could get clipped or the wind from such a close pass could push me off.

Q.What does ASL / RLJ / RH / LH mean?
A. Advanced Stop Line / Red Light Jumper / Right Hook / Left Hook.

Q. Where I’m from the rules are…
A. The Rules here in the UK can be found on this site:

Q. Why are you such a ******?
A. Because I’m not hurting anyone or intentionally breaking any laws, I can be a ****** if I want 🙂

Q. You showed my Car/Numberplate/Face in your video without my permission.
A. In the UK anyone has the right to film in public and we have very little statutary privacy, this is shown in the fact that we are constantly monitored by CCTV, unless I caught your credit card pin number then as the copyright holder (the person that takes photos/video automatically becomes the copyright holder in the UK) I have the right to publish my work.

Q. Can I use your video?
A. Depends what you want to use it for, feel free to embed the video using the links on this page but if you want to republish parts then please send me a message and ask!



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