Warren Rossiter, Senior Technical Editor and Rob Spedding, Editor of Cycling Plus magazine discuss the justification behind the magazine’s 2014 Bike Of The Year top 3.

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  1. They're really only talking about nice things to look for in a bike, but it's total crap for what might suit you in your performance. That's why the top racers win with different bikes.

  2. i'm not convinced. a bike is a bike. you can put a shitty engine on a ferrari and it will still be a shitty car.

    also, it takes quite bit of work to get a bike setup correctly for the rider. and I think that's what matters the most. every manufacturer has their line of racing, touring, aero bikes. you think sponsored riders care about who manufactured the bikes they ride? no, they care about how it's setup.

  3. Had to laugh at the comment about giants ability to make comfortable bikes and perfect geometry, but then who pays bike radar….giant do, I hate my giant TCR, the dealers have consistently given bad sizing advice and bad setup, in the end i got a BG fit from specialized to fit me to my giant, can't wait until my Venge arrives in a few weeks, do yourselves a favour as me and my fellow cycling buddies have done don't buy giant and if you have do yourself a favour and sell it to some uneducated muppet.

  4. Reviews than don't mean a lot. Like buying a bike magazine and reading about someone else's OPINION .  Test and ride one yourself , forget marketing bu**sh!t

  5. This was a great video and most of the comments were on par, the reason I left the sport about 20 years ago was because it was becoming an arms race. Cost of bikes and equipment were becoming too expensive. I am back into cycling and I see the same thing happening.  That's fine. If you're  in shape and competitive you have to get the best. If you can't afford the best then try harder to beat them with what you have. At 215 pounds and 59 years old i don't deserve an elite machine. If I hit my target weight of 170 then you bet i am going to shop for the high end bike.

    Again thanks for the videos

  6. Guys, you don't need carbon bikes. Sooner or later you'll have a crash, even if it's minor, I would not want to ride a full carbon frame that's crashed… They are for racing and people that can replace them often. Stay with alloy or good steel frames for durability.

  7. Canyon Endurace £1549 – DT Swiss wheels and full Ultegra groupset, total weight of just 7.3kg.

    Nothing on this video comes close to that weight or spec and those bikes all cost more than the Canyon.

  8. New rule: if you can't push 53×39, especially with todays 11speed rear derailleurs, you are henceforth required to ride an aluminum or steel frame until you can.

  9. 78 miles and 3,600ft is not a lot of climbing lol. Down in the South West I can do that in 40miles without even trying.

  10. I bought this BMC for myself. Got unlucky and found out it is very fragile and designed to break if exposed to any unusual force. The frame broke like a piece of glass. Would not recommend the BMC to anyone else.

  11. Allow me to comment that I just love the work Warren and the guys do here. Somewhat funny, often informative, and pervasively entertaining. Good work, Warren, Rob and the team. Keep it coming.
    Oh and happy Xmas!

  12. so should I purchase a used 2007 Cannondale's Synapse Carbon 1 for 599.00 it's been dropped. I weigh 210 pounds strong and I question the carbon bikes durability.


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