In their search for the very best road bike of 2017, Cycling Plus collected a few arch rivals in five different categories and pitted them against each other. The best of those will eventually be crowned overall Bike of the Year.

Comfort doesn’t have to be a dirty word, as being more comfortable can allow you to push the pedals harder, and for longer. Senior technical editor Warren Rossiter gives the low down on two of the best comfort bikes of the moment.


  1. The seat post collar/bolts on the Roubaix is ugly as sin and I really don't think I can get past how bad it looks.

  2. It's all just a load of gimmicky testicles to sell bikes. "Comfortable bike" is just another oxymoron. This is from someone who has been riding all sorts of bikes for over 40 years. Whatever happened to the Zertz inserts on the Specialized for instance?

  3. The suspension elements here – clever tho they are – could all be replaced by the simple expedient of fatter tyres. Less absurd macho suffering seen as virtue, less vibration too.

  4. Im so glad that the road bike industry is completely and utterly giving zero fucks about breaking "tradition" or conventions that, for a very long time and until very recently, were here to stay.

    It used to be that if you said your bike was uncomfortable on rough roads, the roadie answer was, "Harden the fuck up and ride pussy"

    Or if you tried to put a saddle that was anything more than mere millimeters of carbon fiber and barely wider than your top tube, the response was "Why dont you just put a cruiser seat on it pussy"

    But, finally, this shit is becoming less and less the norm, and rather becoming the exception. Now, the only type of people you get these comments from, are people that think we should still be riding steel frames with downtube shifters, nothing but campagnolo groupsets and 17c wide tires, and CALIPER BRAKES. Finally, its only the people stuck in their ways, grasping at the word tradition as if they think the use of disc brakes and a spring on the seattube is going to ruin the sport of cycling. Dont worry about the springs guys, EPO has already damaged cycling more than any "traditions" being ruined ever could.

    Hydraulic Disc brakes are better, a saddle that is comfortable will allow you to ride longer, wide tires are faster and more aero, not to mention more comfortable, and bikes that are labeled "endurance", 100%, unequivocally, are ROAD bikes.

  5. Your opinion is based on the size bike you ride. Different sizes have different geometries as well as having different frame layup. Different geometries ride different . So your opinion is just on the bike you ride and cannot be cross referenced to any other frame sizes, geometries with certitude. What size are you riding, is it custom fitted to you? Do you know positively it is correct? Price is usually asymetrical to comfort, the lighter the bike the stiffer it is, the stiffer it is the more road vibration you get.

    Comfort depends on rider position, rider position depends on frame geometry. Frame geometry depends on size of the frame because manufacturers design smaller bikes, less than 56cm for safety (toe overlap) not human physiology. The more upright the seat tube the more road surface transfer, the more the weight is on the saddle and bars instead of the pedals. Check the geometry specs of the manufacturers, tube lengths, seat and head tube angles are different. An aluminum frame of the right geometry and rider fit can out-comfort bad geometry and fit of any carbon road frame.

  6. Do you need a big cock to wear cycling clothing? My cock is small, so I fear wearing cycling clothing. Any suggestions.

  7. Thanks for the video, I'm considering both bikes. I have a 2008 Cannondale Synapse 5 that needs replacing, which also puts me in a more upright position. I haven't ridden the Domane and Rubaix because no shop near me has them in stock now. Which is the fastest of the 2, Domane, or Rubaix ?

  8. I am 52 and looking for a comfortable road machine. I will let the younger guys suffer, i no longer want to. great review!. I heard Giant makes most of Trek frames. and Giant is cheaper.

  9. On the lower end and $400 bucks cheaper that it’s equal competitors range models, the winner is: Giant Defy Advance 3 just a cheaper bad ass winter/commuter/do it all machine!!

  10. so wait, a bike with suspension fork allows lock out , right? necessary when climbing or sprinting , so what about this suspension thats inside the head tube? no need for lock out?

  11. roubaix is a masterwork and a smart choice for any ride or race… considering many granfondos have awful surfaces roubaix can do the trick

  12. I rode the two bikes and the ride quality of the Specialized won me over. The Trek deals with vibration only but the Roubaix has a real shock absorber for your front wheel.


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