In their search for the very best road bike of 2017, Cycling Plus collected a few arch rivals in five different categories and pitted them against each other. The best of those will eventually be crowned overall Bike of the Year.

We pit the Cannondale SuperSix EVO Disc Ultegra against Giant’s TCR Advanced 1 Disc.


  1. Giant cable routing and those levers look garbage enough to place the cdale ahead for me. Race bikes arent meant to be comfy btw.

  2. Given your particular price point and similar specs buy what you want to throw your leg over time and time again. In the end unless you making a living at it, which pros don't get to chose hardly a thing as far as equipment, it won't make a damn bit of difference, so if someone says this is the best, they either have no idea and won't to sound knowledgeable or they on someone's payroll.

  3. Any comments vs. the new tarmac comp disc? It has the newer frame (sl5?) and same price / components as the cannondale

  4. I would never buy a Cannondale carbon bike. In Australia they are priced was too high – rubbish value. Giant … well I started a love affair with their bikes about 7 years ago. Honestly don't think I'd ever consider another brand. Excellent bikes (sexy as hell!) and priced really well.

  5. i've had both bikes and i must admit the TCR is an absolute beast in almost all aspects..the compact geometry really does make a whole lot difference especially during descends and sprints.

  6. Got myself the Evo Disc for Christmas and started a love story that got me fitter and thinner. Placebo effect ruling (rolling) supreme. A fantastic bike for reasonable money. I did upgrade it to a pair of Mavic Ksyrium Pros though 😉

  7. almost 1600 dollars in price difference thought. That could go to the wheels considering that giant's carbon wheels cost roughly 1300 dollars for the set

  8. The PR2 wheels on the Giant are heavier than the Mavics on the Cannondale. Funny you said in your review "the mavics are heavy" but didn't say the same about the PR2 which like I say are heavier than the mavics.

  9. Matte green is the best I think , black looks boring and there are too much black bikes on the market boring , please bring more vibrant colours again gaint please or some custom colour option on website , and aero cockpit please also would look strap and could save some watts definitely for sure : )

  10. I am looking at these two bikes; supersix evo and TCR Advanced, but with rim brakes. 105 compenents are good enough to ride super hard and race on, plus saves a lot of $$$. Can't decide…


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