What would you do in this situation?

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  1. It seemed the man had some mental issues i feel you could have ignored him instead of yelling at him. What happened seemed completely unnecessary

  2. you just made yourself look like a wanker at the end. Sad really that you can't even deal with someone with mild mental health issues.

  3. One more biker arrogance, people has the right to stay on a public place, even if he is no biker …
    Then no one has the right to insult someone for no reason other than you don't want him here !
    Biker or not, social rules of conduct are the same

  4. When I was young (in the sixties) I owned a Triumph 750. When you ran out of gas, we turned a switch which released 1 liter of reserve gas. With one liter you could go about 20 miles giving you plenty of mileage to find a gas station.

  5. first you say you will knock him out , next thing you cry assault, then show how stupid you are being a bad ass burning the rear tire. Biggest douche bag badass , Die Epic, lmao.

  6. the guy in the orange shirt, he is crazy, but the kid on the bike threatens him ,tells him" get away I'll kick your ass" he must be
    like 19 .dude Rule #1..don't mess with crazy people .people like the kid on the bike threatens and dosent do anything, the crazy guy dosent say anything and hits him! That should be a lesson in "false bravado and idle
    boosting" that young people are famous for..your
    not as cool as you think you are, he hit you .

  7. And you ran out of gas seriously, I was going to be nice cause I edited one of my replies ,But dude, You ran out of gas?? There is a room full of girls here that are laughing ..PROBABLY live with your parents ..

  8. To be honest the biker’s the bigger twat here. Popping wheelies, nearly falls off, laughing like a girl, rides into the fuel station through the shrubbery and, to cap it off, hasn’t enough credit on his card for a tank of gas.

  9. Lol as soon as he put his hands on my shit I'd say okay run up behind him pick him up and crack his head on the pavement. problem solved

  10. I would have knocked his ass out when he put his hands on me, you have way more patience than I do when it comes to assholes !!

  11. wtf is it today with all the racism talk, the only racists I see are the black and middle easterns who cry racism, there is no other racism lol not a fucking iota, not a zip in the old zig zag, well a little maybe ..I mean fuck, then you got just about everyone who likes to be racist and prejudice to poor shit heals like orange shirt and people with dead eyes. …like they ain’t people *burps, it’s fucking fucked

  12. this part of the world is now fucked, thanks to white people going on about racism like everyone is doing it when no one is doing but probably should be a little more racist and careful for our futures, we are gonna be a minority in our own country one day and it ain’t gonna be so’s fun anymore people, they won’t be saying bad things about themselves or helping us, those of you who don’t see that will learn this the hard way

  13. I mean really wtf do any of those other races of people do for me ..or, you …you ask yourself that also ..when they get something, they don’t hire white people, it is only us being fair and it ain’t fair

  14. Omg… Im fucking wanna punch him so much, suddenly hit people and then suddenly act all kind of bullshit bruh… You done a good job bro if it were me, i already punch the fuck out of him

  15. Note the fat gut and baseball cap………………….these losers are everywhere! Good Video! Tell the operator to call cops,next time….then confront the asshole….verbal threats are stupid,….so be wise!

  16. He had to be at least a little on the slow side mentally. But yeah, I would’ve either called the cops on him for layin hands on you, or threw at least one punch to even things out. But what you did at the end should suffice I guess lol

  17. Man this nigga on drugs 100% bruh how??? "2 for 1" "Turn it off" not just that when he said "Turn it off" that bike was already off in the first place 2nd "2 for 1" 2 for 1 what???. Not just that he just looks at him like he did something weird or wrong…


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