A video from a trail in Wales discussing the Royal Enfield Himalayan now that it’s covered 9200 miles.


  1. More and more wishing I could have stretched my budget to the RE Himalayan. It seems like just the ticket for an only fit like me. Thanks Nathan. Les

  2. Like they say, Nathan, the proof of the pudding…

    Delighted the bike is proving sturdy, reliable and capable. It is obviously a fine choice in its sector, and certainly better than most in terms of luggage capacity, I don’t regret getting the CRF Rally although it is a little tall for me, but still wistfully wonder if the REH wouldn’t have been a better choice as it was in the end the only other contender. Give it a year and we’ll see how I feel.

    Wonderful comprehensive video, and a lovely trail that. Just right for novices like me!

  3. I ride a bullet electra x had it a year, still enjoy it very much. this Himalayan is the only thing I would change to. Like you said – performance could be better, but I am realising the advantages of enough is plenty – I had a bmw 1150 gs before the bullet, and how quickly I got used to the power. with these enfields, you aren`t always trying to get past the next bunch of cars – a pointless exercise as there are always more of them ahead…………..

  4. Nice one Nathan. I would really like to watch you extensively review the versys x300 as you have done with the Himalayan. Your previous review of the x300 along with the gs and crf was one of the reviews that convinced me to get a versys x300 a few months ago.

  5. Blimey they've tamed the Golf links road. A few years since I was on it and they've graded out all the interesting bits. What a shame 🙁

  6. Very honest review. Nice to hear how it really is, from a real owner, not a journo trying to fill air time. Thanks. I'm sold on the Himalayan.

  7. Hi mate good video thanks , ive got one of these bikes for touring around the Philippines, could you give me info on were you got the seat cover , i would like to get one sent to my UK address then my mum will send it on , all i need is a phone number and name of place who made it , all the best Bob

  8. Nathan that trail looks bloody horibble to me,, all rocks and stones just waiting to catch you out,,, take a peep at my kind of trails https://youtu.be/viYTumTa0Kg,, Regarding the bike,I agree with pretty much everything you say,,, I love just the look of the machine,cos machine it is,,it ain,t no product !!! Did you reinforce those racks at the front to carry your bags? Do,nt be offended but your bashplate looks naff. I had opportunity to take off my stock plate and found all the emissions smogg gumbage in there.. I love the wheels ,,black rims with metal spokes do it for me.. yeah your seat cover looks neat,, I looked at rear racks from India but he wanted £235,,( he was having a laugh) ,he said they are the best in India,at that price would need tobe best in the world..where did you get yours. There are a few quercks .I tooks of the side covers(just for a looksee) four screws holding,,no three screws holding ,one screws with nut on the back not doing anything,(whats that all about!!) I could do with some bar raisers or more likely a set of Rentals bars fitted,just to make standing riding much better,,and I agree about the side cover and abs caught me out yesterday, I tend to use the rear brake alot ,,and going downhill on dry dirt I would normally just feather the rear, I had no rear!!! bloody abs!!! Checkout Lomo panniers cheap at £50… now just need some cheap racky things ,,,,reagards

  9. I was not riding like a BELLEND!!!! I was just going downhill,,you tend to speed up going down,(its a gravity thing)

  10. Good honest review. Shame RE previously gave their home market lower quality bikes. Was it worth the loss of reputation (and subsequent revenue) bean-counters?

  11. So, do you still miss your GS, and would this be the bike to buy for someone who only has one bike? I've got an old GS, which is very nice, but somehow I think the Himalayan might be a better all-around bike for travelling, especially considering the mileage, simplicity, off-road capability and price. Am I being too optimistic?

  12. I think all my questions have been answered so it just leaves an extended test ride as you suggested to see if the Himalayan and I suit each other.

  13. Thanks Nat for honest review.

    You mentioned VersysX and 310, have you had a chance to ride them?

    Would you ride your Himalayan to Mongolia?

  14. Really considering one for my first bike. I live in a part of Europe where a road that only shatters one section of your spine is considered a good road so as a quite tall bloke my A2 options are either a small ADV or something more cruiser-esque like the classic 500, but I fancy the odd tour up to Rome with my dad on his Goldwing so the Himalayan seems more fitting given the luggage options.

    What do you reckon of the Himalayan as a first bike that'll probably take a fair few knocks?

  15. I'd consider buying one but I'm umimpressed, to say the least, at its woeful lack of power. A modded 1990s Bandit 600 would smoke that thing on all counts, including trail riding.

  16. was waiting for this! thanks for sharing… hopefully see you in the uk in a few months, hugs from Nicaragua!

  17. That's what made me nervous about the bike Nathan, when I sat on it at Motorcycles of Dulles here in Virginia a couple weeks ago, the 'precarious' feel. I didn't think about it being from the short sidestand but I had no confidence at all. Sadly, I had my VanVan all ready to trade and didn't even take the test ride. May give it another try with 1 1/4" heel boots. Thanks for the honest, informative and entertaining video!

  18. Nathan always tell the truth – no hype. Brilliantly refreshing. I have been researching this bike from b4 its launch (in India) with view to buying there and riding back. KLR is mentioned which I want for USA, but that needs “farkles”.
    I have done a few euro tours and power is not needed as much as when going to Tescos! It’s a different more functional type of biking where reliabiality and distance w/o drama is the top priority.

  19. Great video! I'm really looking at getting one of these sometime within the next few years. Seems like a fun all around bike that can tackle the road and the dirt equally. I think you really nailed it when you mentioned they built a bike that has features that the rider will need. I am hoping to test ride one here in the next few weeks!

  20. Hi Nathan, Great review. Wish you had used an action cam with in-body stabilization and added stabilization in post production. The video would have been buttery smooth 🙂

  21. I've seen one with panniers that was dropped at low speed onto a wet road, it was written off due to frame twist. Good bike for price but don't expect them to be as strong as a larger brand duel purpose bike.

  22. Nice review, the Himalayan is looking to be a good do anything machine. Any chance you could add a link for the seat cover. Thanks

  23. Great video, love my Royal Enfield and good Byway done it many times. I'll definitely be looking at seat cover 👍🏼👍🏼

  24. Thank you for articulating my thoughts on the Honda: they phoned it in.
    Loving the REH, but I need to test one. The only question left in my mind is whether I can live with its highway pace.

  25. After more and more digging in to advs an bikes overall the Himalayen becomes more and more my dream bike O.O
    And how did you remove the wind and bike noise? Its amazig <3


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