A quick review of the new Royal Enfield Himalayan motorcycles. This review walks through an overview of the motorcycle and my second hand experiences with the motorcycle.

Since my riding gear is waiting for me along with my bike in Colorado I didn’t get a chance to ride this bike. However I have been on rides with the owner of the motorcycle so I share those experiences and observations.

For a really low cost motorcycle that in my opinion has style, this bike is difficult to beat. The owner seems very happy with it and definitely one that riders in the market for a KLR650 should definitely consider.


  1. i have to say the more reviews i watch or read about this machine the more i want one , super unique ! i think id have one of these before a scrambler or the like it is kinds like a KLR but with a lot more personality ?! well done

  2. Great review mate. I own a Himalayan and absolutely love it. Ridden it up, down and around Western Australia and the only problem I've had is fuel starvation at highway speed 110-115kph which was an easy fix in the end. I have the carburetor model and it had a breather hose about a foot long running from the carby down between the engine and chassis and found it to be kinked. Don't know wither the kink was the problem or the length, but once i shortened it (4in) i have not had a problem since.Found the seat got a bit uncomfortable after 4 -5 hours into rides but that's par for most bikes anyway. Nice bit of Sheep skin fixed that problem. Once again great review and now I'll have to subscribe to your channel to see your report on the ride if you manage to have one. Cheers Alan

  3. Very good review, despite not having ridden the bike. It would be interesting to know what you think of it after taking it out for a few miles. Regarding the colors, as far as I know, it only comes in white and black, and in India a version called sleet grey.

  4. I'm hearing different stories! Gearbox failures, paint chippin inside the fueltank, fuelpipe blocking, cylinderhead issues, rusted front forks, instrument cluster and headlights fogg, electrical issues, spares are nowhere to find (very poor services) etc. I stick to Honda and BMW! RE is NO match for the serious adventure biker! How ever – the concept of the Himalayan is very good, but it is still a bike of lesser quality! Unnecessarily – and this is the actual shame! It is probably a mentality problem in India! "Sales" are more important then satisfied customers and a good professional dealer network!

  5. I think I am going to buy one of the Himalayan motorcycles. Very nice review, value for money. I really don't want for speed I want it for off road and touring . Thanks mate

  6. What would you say the realistic cruising speed of the Himalayan is, thinking a little carefully/conservatively?

  7. Looks and sounds like a great bike, however I’ve heard a lot of negative reviews and stories. Saying that, it might be worth revisiting in a couple of years time after it has matured a little and perhaps acquired a few more ponies.


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