I’m excited to announce that Ali and I are riding across the USA! We’re riding Trek’s new gravel bikes, the Checkpoint, and the goal is to take the road less traveled in search of great people and inspiring stories. Besides profiling the wonderful people along the way, we’ll be asking everyone for LOVE advice. Our route will take us from Oregon to New York and WE WANT YOU to help out. If you have any ideas of places to visit, friends to meet, or burritos to eat, find us on social media and point us in the right direction.

Ali Gesier-

We’re riding Trek’s awesome new Checkpoint gravel bikes
Ryan’s Bike (ALR 5):
Ali’s bike (SL5):

Our Gear: *most of it
Ortlieb Back Roller Plus:
Ortlieb Ultimate 6 PLus:
Ortlieb Saddle Bag:
Green Guru top tube bag ‘Stasher’:
Ryan’s Smith Helmet ‘Overtake’:
Ali’s Smith Helme ‘Network’t:
Ryan’s Smith Sunglasses ‘Langley’:
Ali’s Smith Sunglasses ‘Westgate’:
Eleven Pine Convertible Shorts:
Keen Bike Sandals’ Commuter’:
Showers Pass Apex tech shirt:
Showers Pass Trailhead Merino Hoodie:
Schwalbe Marathon Plus 404 Tires:
Tent-MSR Freelight 2

Camera Gear:
Sony A6500
Sony 4k Action Cam FDRX3000
Sony RX100V
Rode VideoMicPro Plus
DJI Mavic Pro
JOBY Gorilla Pod



  1. As my Dad would say while hiking and camping " we are not lost just temporally misplaced". Always found the way. Just like you are doing. Enjoying the adventure both of you are on.

  2. Another great one! Loving the Drone shots. Your route has been Perfect every little back and forth and climb! So many awesome quotes in this vid…. "here's the good water here", " You can ride that son-a bitch so fast down there it will make your head spin!" , "DON'T cheat on anyone!" Oh my God I love Dan I am a big Dan fan….

  3. I love what you guys are doing. It was a pleasure meeting you guys in Idaho yesterday. It was an unexpected and wonderful experience out of the blue. I am very much looking forward to watching the rest of your journey.

  4. Great video. Amazing scenery! No advice from me on relationships. Two failed ones that I never should have gotten into. Good luck to both of you. Looking forward to more cycling videos.

  5. Thanks Ryan and Ali for sharing your adventure, an adventure I have yet to start. I love that both are following your own path' s and enjoying the journey! Brett

  6. Great videos. I love the interviews and agree with others about how charming your positive interaction with each other is.
    (PS – Is Ali's saddle just a touch too high? It's hard to tell from the short clips of her riding, but some of the signs seem to be there, like a little rocking of the hips and the toe pointed down at the bottom of the stroke. I could be wrong, but you might want to take a careful look at it, especially if she is using new shoes or pedals which might have changed the relative saddle height.)

  7. I am nosy. I have to give you my 2cents, I hope she is ok with it:
    Lower her saddle, move it forward, have her not point her toes down when pushing the pedal. This may help, specially with the knees.

  8. Your b-role cinematography has leveled up! A wonderful series that I plan to promote via my friends/social network. Safe travels

  9. Absolutely loving your videos and adventures!! Great how you handle all the bumps in the road together and so positively.

  10. I thoroughly enjoy your field interviews of the local folks. It reminds me a lot of my early 1980s Summers hitchhiking and backpacking in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and British Columbia. I met a lot of people that were quite helpful in getting me to trailheads and giving directions. Many even gave me places to sleep for a night and a meal to go in the morning. It just shows there's a whole nother breed of people out there in this vast country of ours. Clearly the Google Maps is not helping much of the time and it seems you need to justify your routes with the locals. It's wise to worry less about cuddling everything on your own at the expense of having great interactions with the locals giving their help and guidance. Do you have the opportunity to meet people you would never come in contact with otherwise.

  11. Love this inspiration.
    I suggest a game. You each write down 3 things that has to do about what love means to you and then compare it.

  12. Dang, Ryan. You've got me all invested, not just in the ride, but in your relationship. Keep rollin'! (One more time, in case you forgot, it's Clay, using my trail name).

  13. I love the simple advice. Be nice to each other. Hurting words hurt and they have lasting consequences. So if you feel very very angry turn away and brace that tongue. I think Ali is a keeper. Be nice to her cuz we don't wanna see you lonely anymore under the stars. The team does not like that. You hear, Ryan?

  14. I’m really enjoying the videos of your adventure. The drone footage is awesome. I would love to hear how the bikes are doing considering they are some of Trek’s latest gravel options.

  15. Ryan, great job with the videos. Can you share some information about your camera set up? Type of camera? Do you always use helmet mount or do you use handlebar mount? What are you using when you extend the camera and capture yourself? Thanks.


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