– Here is a little review of the Schwinn Rivel Hybrid Bike. A great starter mountain bike.

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  1. Not all Disc brakes squeal…I've got a Wal Mart bike with discs that work just fine..
    They will work a lot better once broken in..

  2. thats so funny i have the same bike in white and black my handle bars came upside down too some one at the factory must be fired.

  3. Just a tip, you might want to re-assemble the bike before making a video, bars upside down are too obvious…

    Keep up the reviews, you'll do nothing but improve if you keep going!

  4. lmao at everyones upside down comments! I purchased the white and black and the fork was completely backwards! seriously. I complained and put my sad face on and wind up getting $75 from the original price + it was the last one. then added my gf discount! Anyways, replace the granny seat. and this bike is awesome

  5. You're NOT supposed to get the oils from your fingers on the disc brakes. Don't touch them!
    Maybe you should stick to the "common brakes". lol

  6. Someone at the factory, maybe did not receive his salary in months:)) …that could explain the trolling upside down handlebars :))

  7. Good video, i just have a couple though's. First, the brakes that are up higher and grab the rim to stop you are called "V" brakes. Second, i was surprised when you said the "V" brakes worked better then the "Disc brakes" set up. Overall an enjoyable video.

  8. the disc brakes need to be adjusted, disc brakes should stop you on a dime and I have also seen a few of these in the store with the forks mounted backwards.

  9. i do wonder thought….if you prefer a more aggressive rideing possition, like slightly more hunched over, the upside down bars would be more comfortable.

  10. btw i ride a Schwinn dsb duel sport 700cc bike. love it but it is taking som getting used to from my 26'' schwinn sidewinder.

  11. Your front quick release is on the wrong side of the wheel. Read the manual.
    I just got one for my wife and it was wrong too.

  12. were this guy go to bike school. lol sram 3.0 kid OMG . and did he really say that V brake is better than disc lol and yes sir your fork is heavy i bet it ways 10lbs lol
    learn how to correctly pronounce the bikes name before you make a video dude. lol

  13. Just bought this bike it's garbage I hate the disc and the extreme you have to go to figure out how to adjust brakes.

  14. This has to be the WORST REVIEW OF ANYTHING I've EVER SEEN SOMEONE ACTUALLY WILLINGLY POST..ARE YOU SERIOUS? who reviews crappy Walmart bikes…lol…you got the handle bars upside down,don't even know what to call anything on the bike…WHY ARE YOU REVIEWING BIKES>>>WTF



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