The Schwinn 700c Men’s OR2 Hybrid is a rugged bike with many features for any avid bike rider.


  1. Just bought mine a few days ago took it on a 15 mile "break in" ride yesterday through my town very good bike for the price.The seat is a little hard but I have a gel pad from my old bike that does the trick

  2. Just bought one. 6'5 300lbs. Tried about five different bikes, and this is the one I liked the most. Same thing here, when Target assembled it, shifters and handle bars were not put together properly. Now I gotta find some tools to fix it because it didn't come with any

  3. I have the this bike, ridden 500 miles. A Photographer I carry Canon T3i,camera gear in LowePro backpack. Polaris light meter. In rear Panniers- cable locks,chain lock,extra tubes,tire pump,tools,first aid kit,chain,rain gear,rain cover for bike. Up front-IPod/cradle,cell,drink holders,barometer,light controls,mirrors,handlebar pannier, odometers (2),front pannier rack. On bike- fenders,water bottles,kick stands(2),reflectors. On me Grizzly Mace,helmet,HD helmet cam,gloves, sunglasses, S-screen.

  4. Thanks for the video, I just got this bike today. The Target guys messed up the breaks and the chain was making noises too. But after 20 min tune-up I got it running like a butter.
    Just put 6 miles on it. For the price it is a good bike!

  5. Nice video.  I have this model Schwinn that I am building from the frame.  The bike does look good for a modern Schwinn with decent components.  I always recommend a thorough inspection of any department store bike by a professional bike mechanic before riding, because they are usually not assembled well, as you pointed out.  Enjoy the bike!

  6. +Terry Hofer Im actually looking into upgrading the bottom bracket, I saw on your comment your mention something like that, did you ever upgrade and if so, would you still know the size of the sealed bottom bracket you used if thats even what you ended up using. Thanks any help will do, I've had this bike for a while and I keep breaking my bottom bracket bearings, so I figured to just upgrade it in hopes it'll become a more permanent remedy or at least withstand a little more punishment.

  7. I have had this bike 4 weeks now and have  replaced the seat to a more quality one from a bike shop and added some bar ends which I already had. Im 245# ish and 72'' tall. The handel bars are lower than on some bikes you may be used to. I wear padded bike gloves that I have had for a few years now and they help alot. I will be replacing the pedals soon also, they are verry narrow so if you are wearing a soft shoe it will put alot of pressure in the middle of your foot. good peddals are less than 35 bucks, I just havent bought them yet. This has ben a great bike for my rides of about 8 to 12 miles.

  8. I bought one of these bikes recently at Target, rides great but a risky trip into town got my front wheel all wrapped..badly!! Wobbling all over the place! What type of front wheel can I buy for a good replacement that won't cost me $300 or more? I was thinking maybe the  Of course I could just get the wheel trued too. But what garentee will I have that the wheel will stay trued?

  9. just bought this exact bike today from play it again sports in Kennesaw ga. rode it home right from the store. needs a tuneup but I love it already. $150 well spent and a nice smooth ride.


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